Distant point of view

Point of view
, originally uploaded by
Philippe Sainte-Laudy, Strasbourg, France
his website: http://www.naturephotographie.com/
photo was shot in Andalusia, Spain
near Pantano de los Bermejales, A-338

It is very important, to have sometimes a distance to the crowd, to the main stream to find creative new ways, methods, tools … – on the other hand, sometimes only the crowd is able to change things, it seems. Philosophers who liked a distant, aloof, cool, reserved point of view: The American Philosopher Thoreau or the German Immanuel Kant or the French Michel de Montaigne. Looking to the mass phenomena: Marx and Engels, maybe Friedrich Nietzsche, and mostly all the founders of religions. I don’t like to write down their names. Because I prefer the silent thinkers: Kant, Thoreau, Montaigne, the Greek Socrates – or the great Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, who didn’t like enthusiasm at all.


only distance sometimes can help to leave a sect, but no one can organize that distance in his mind:
about boundaries + fences, walls + curtains:
1978: Mass suicide leaves 900 dead in Guyana in South America. They couldn’t resist that evil Jim Jones, leader of the “People’s Temple Christian Church”
more about Jim Jones and the mass suicide of 900 in the year 1978:

Brochure of the Peoples Temple, portraying lea...

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