Occupy Wall St.: capitalism, communism, anarchism?

Occupy Wall Street movement = anarchism? How to resist capitalism,
communism and senseless riots as well?

photo via flickr.com by Frizztext – click on the photo to enter my collection…
Usually anarchism is criticized by capitalism and communism as well. Anarchism seems to rank on the bottom position of morality. But it isn’t. Kind of dictatorship was supported by systems of communism as well as capitalism. Thoreau (the only North American philosopher) would maybe understand the positive energy of anarchism: as actually in the OWS = “Occupy Wall Street” movement …

LULLABY for Marx & Engels


this is a little video, featuring me on fingerstyle guitar, presenting a LULLABY for MARX AND ENGELS; I like this sculpture in Berlin – because Friedrich Engels, who was born in Wuppertal like me, is not mentioned very much there in that West German city – but still in Berlin, East Germany – the former communist part of Germany; of course I know, that the days of MARXISM are gone – too much bad things happened under the rules of communism – but on the other hand: conservatism and rough capitalism are doing many harm to the people worldwide too – so, when I’m singing a good bye to Marx and Engels it is still a little bit friendly – and sadly: sad, because many good ideas of this philosophical writers turned bad in the reality of administrations, apparatschiks, despotic politicians …

Representación habitual de Marx, Engels y Lenin

Image via Wikipedia

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