Egypt blocked Internet

latest news of EGYPT REVOLUTION at
EGYPT blocked Internet connectivity!

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read “The fear of the mighty power of the Internet in Egypt, China etc.” at (bing-machine translation German to English)
“Server connection failed. For many days access to the Internet was simply not possible throughout Egypt. The mobile phone networks were switched off…”
let’s fight for the internet, for wordpress and facebook, youtube, flickr and twitter
some wordpress bloggers, asked, what they would do, if that would happen in the United States, they answered quickly: MOVE TO CANADA 🙂

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18 responses to “Egypt blocked Internet

  1. wolfgang hermann

    each power can be used in two directions


  2. wolfgang hermann

    the great power of the internet is also to see in wikileaks

    read more:


  3. thousands of protesters are actually flooding the streets of Cairo,
    with passionate demonstrators both for and against President Mubarak clashing violently


  4. related
    the political blog of jacob breach
    statement of Jacob Breach there:
    At this point its clear that Mubarak is finished. I agree. Obama, Merkel, and the rest of the Western leaders should ask Mubarak to step down and then offer help in stabilizing the political system until the Egyptians can elect a new government or form a new constitution.


  5. wolfgang hermann

    nur durch die organisation über das internet war ein derartiges ausmaß eines volksaufstandes möglich
    das hat es in dieser form und größe bisher noch nicht gegeben


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  8. Friday, 11th February:
    Mubarak made the step down …
    congratulations to the courage
    of the protesters
    of the Tahrir Square!


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  10. It’s hard to search out knowledgeable folks on this matter, however you sound like you recognize what you’re speaking about! Thanks


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