Egypt Revolution, Tahrir Square

Friday Martyrs6

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Ahmed Eldaly, Egypt, shows in his series “Friday Martyrs” how anti- and pro-Mubarak fighters clash in violence on the Tahrir Square in Cairo.

frizztext-comment: Sometimes we need RAGE to get liberation. Wonderful, if it is without violence as in the German revolution 1989 which brought the reunification of communist East and capitalist West Germany. In other countries there is more violence. I saw yesterday on television, how anti-Mubarak protesters made a rider and his horse struggle, brought them down to ground. They say, they are pro-Mubarak security troops camouflaged as civil persons. Military is waiting mostly, doing nothing. It would be wise, if they could change the society there without a great death toll. We don’t like a flashback to China.

2) title=”Downtown Cairo” and 3) title=”Protest on Tahrir” by Floris Van Cauwelaert
Downtown Cairo+Protest on Tahrir
more of the work of Floris Van Cauwelaert at flomobile/collections

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