Bahrain Protests

Police violence, tear gas etc. took an end to the peaceful protest in the capital of Bahrain, in MANAMA.

As seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Morocco, Gaddafi‘s Algeria etc. also the people of Bahrain tried to make a street demonstration for a political change, demanding democracy, a parliament, political parties. Some are talking about a ARAB YOUTH QUAKE. Maybe a twitter + facebook + wordpress or YOUTUBE-quake. The police of Manama made an end to the protest which started on February 14th. I’ve heard, that the king of Bahrain offered before 3.000 $ for each family in Manama, if they wouldn’t go to the protest, organized on Monday the 14th of February. That didn’t work, it seems …

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title=”Kingdom of Bahrain by Saleh AlRashaid, on Flickr

Kingdom of Bahrain




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I am near to my tears watching the following video, though I do not understand a single word of the Arab woman speaking. I am sad, because human beings must put such a great energy in talking to get free… – I’ve commented at youtube: I am very impressed by the energy, by the rage. I will set a link to your video in my wordpress blog flickrcomments …

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37 responses to “Bahrain Protests

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  4. AlAmmari

    The 3000BD was given by the King of Bahran to the people as a gift for 10 Years of the new constitutional aniversary . Plus the King of BH gives such gifts to us every while and then , he gave us two salarys(double) for each Bahraini as a gift for the national day , The problem is what u hear is that the Shiite in Bahrain who are really Iranian want to make BH the 2nd Iran thats why the spread lies to the world .


  5. zainee

    please dont spoil your woderful land of pearls. No one will come for your help . Dont turn it into Iraq.


  6. zainee

    please dont spread those news u dont know.some of the violent protestors are killing innocent poor labourers after dragging them from homes. the DEAD BODIES u see on PRESS TV ARE OF POOR EXPATS. We dont know why state is not controlling this brutal killings by so called protestors who are showing extreme lawlessness. No statecan tolerate this kind of violent behaviour. Police/Army no one is thereto control the wild mob.


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  9. Dubai is peaceful, Saudi and Kuwait also. There the government is so strong, tht even if they’ll lose people protesting for stuffs like this, their one noise is enough to keep them quiet. And tht is exactly wht happ in Kuwait. Nothing wrong anywhr in such places. Bahrain is getting quieter now. Yesterday they freed 308 prisoners. Feels nice with the peace being restored back, and people(protestors also) are celebrating.. though peaceful rallies will still be on the way for a few days i think. :)


    I hope, the things in Dubai are quite comfortable for all, so, no protests are needed.
    once I helped a Danish dentist to find a job in Dubai. I’m still proud for that, I managed the internet e-mail-connection. Now he is rich, I am still poor – but he left his Fender guitar as a gift in my home …
    frizztext 22 February 2011 at 7pm


    I don’t think protest against the government is ever necessary :)

    I am not surprised that your Danish dentist acquaintance can turn into a rich guy here. People here trust doctor and any business can basically charge as much as they want. It’s all tax free too. Kudos to you for being generous to help, I think that’s a different kind of wealth you got there ;)


  11. And soon the mountain which you fear will prove to be a plain. ~Norman’s Island
    it is important to block the fear, if you want open the door to rage and energy …


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    And the future? . . . . we'll see.
    title=”And the future? . . . . we’ll see.
    by darren shanahan, on Flickr


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    Hands in the air!
    title=”Hands in the air!
    by darren shanahan, on Flickr


  14. sent to my group BLOG IT!
    title=”Pearl Monument – Bahrain دوار اللؤلؤة
    by Ahmed Albaqer احمد الباقـر, on Flickr
    Pearl Monument - Bahrain دوار اللؤلؤة


  15. sent to my group BLOG IT!
    title=”Bahrain World Trade Center”
    by Sami T, on Flickr
    Bahrain World Trade Center


  16. I hope so, Arva, that they can talk together without violence, even if there are different opinions …


  17. its over now…wooohooo… :D


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    Revolt Fever: Libya joins protest club as wave of wrath sweeps Arab world


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    title=”Maseera2 Date: 14/02/2011 ”
    by alhiddi, on Flickr
    Maseera2 Date: 14/02/2011


  20. The King of Bahrain (belongs to Sunni Islam) has a cooperative agreement with the United States Military. For example the United States Fifth Fleet is watching there, what happens in IRAN. But the bigger part of the population of Bahrein is not Sunni Islam like the Kings clique but . The Shiits are sympathizing with IRAN. Protesters are mainly Shiit. They want more political influence and say, that it is not correct, that the clique of the king has all things in his hands …
    under construction, I am learning …


    • AlAmmari

      Yes the shiite in BH are the majority but please understand what the protest want and did . Want – they want to make BH the 2nd Iran , they allways spread lies to how the goverment treat them and they allways claim that the gov kill them for no reason and brutally attack them .

      DID- they killed 5 police men , 2 Indian men ,hurt another 17 Asian men , burned cars and building , kidnapped 3 Indias as hostages , closed the main roads in the capital Manama so that people wont work, attacked sunnis on the roads ( 3 sunnis have been killed by shia ) attacked BH college they only hit the sunnis and the non Bahrainis and all shia student were not hurt at all !

      PS-those shiite most of them are not Bahraini they are from Iran who have no loyalty to BH , and they were given passport in 70s , 80s and 90s



  21. Beautiful photography… It’s amazing how much change is going on around the world… like a wildfire.


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    title=”Bahrain-Pearl Roundabout” by ©Helminadia, on Flickr

    Bahrain-Pearl Roundabout


  23. sent to my group BLOG IT:
    title=”Kingdom of Bahrain by Saleh AlRashaid, on Flickr

    Kingdom of Bahrain


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    man freut sich immer, wenn man jemand tanzen sieht – aber sogar wenn eine frau schimpft, auch wenn man gar nichts versteht, kann man positiv beeindruckt sein …


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