200 tanks for Saudi Arabia

Germany sells 200 tanks (Leopard 2) to Saudi Arabia. To support oppression? It’s absurd,
because, on the other hand, they had some welcome slogans for the Arab youth revolution.

Fred van Dijken
message composition by Frizztext, part of his restaurant gallery
photo of the underwater tank by Combo1100 / Fred van Dijken
tanks are a symbol of oppression. actually vs. the Arab youth revolution. people try to force their administrations to change to more democracy. the answer: oppression: tanks, guns, etc. – as seen in Tunisia and Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, Egypt and Syria. the government of Bahrain asked Saudi Arabia for support. They sent military and nothing changed in Bahrain. Now Germany sells 200 tanks (Leopard 2) to Saudi Arabia. to support oppression? it’s absurd, because – on the other hand – they had some welcome slogans to the Arab youth revolution.

Leopard 2A6M left

Image via Wikipedia


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