Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Michelle from “The Daily Post” writes: “…share three photos of your own.”


A (typical) DAY IN MY LIFE: 1) me, playing my guitar before breakfast, 2) riding with the hanging tram to my job, 3) in the evening: relaxing with my grandson.

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and three-picture-story Michelle there: “…keeping the three-picture framework in mind has markedly improved my still-nascent ability to tell a story photographically… / …three related images designed to create a more complete sense of your subject than a single picture…”

I’ve created the Triptych above with the mosaic maker online software of BIGHUGELABS at

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writer, photographer, guitarist

34 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

  1. Looks like a good day.



  2. Doris

    love the story, beautiful pictures


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  4. Lovely interpretation of the prompt. Thanks so much for posting.


  5. Lovely triptych…I especially like you and your grandchild snoozing :).


  6. What a great day. Even the commute looks relaxed!


  7. Beautiful, Frizz 🙂


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  10. Great photos of a great day. I love the triptych presentation.


  11. of course like the one with the grandson…so sweet!


  12. Relaxed and loving.


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  14. Mirada

    Wonderful photos, Frizz–I love the first and third best.


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  16. Love your triptych, Frizz. I liked the challenge but changed it up to start.
    Sweet grandbaby on grandpa.


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  20. OMG, Love the story, but love the pic of you with your grandson. So absolutely lovely!


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  22. You look good with a guitar. 🙂


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  26. I should try BW next time…inspired.


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  28. Hey FT! Love your choices and thanks for sharing the mosaic software site, it’s terrific!


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