John Henry – about job losses

3 tracks recordings
It is a ballad about the avalanche of job losses. As hundred years ago the single hammer-wielding railroad workers became redundant by steam pile drivers, nowadays photographers and printers, journalists and musicians lose their jobs, because the Internet offers a chance to millions of new creative spirits. Modernization can become a great inspiring chance, not always a disaster.


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11 responses to “John Henry – about job losses

  1. Hello, i am new here so i love to meet new people,i find Your Blog and i must say i stay for a while, Regards form Poland 🙂


  2. A very nice song for a very sad situation….and so modern because of the situation, today.


  3. Love it, it’s very much me!


  4. as for the mentioned pocket 4-track recorder: BOSS MICRO BR-80


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