about narration

Some use the social media for sharing photos or exploring music. My heart is touched by those who tell stories which I can’t forget.
One of them is living in Austria. I would prefer to get every morning a little story by him! Yes, his art is to write with such a method, that everything remains in my memory, whereas I forget 1,000 other things. Maybe it’s the attention to detail, the genuine nature, directness: as his wife was shocked because in the night the house was flooded. It was hard to escape. Or there are descriptions how his cat-society works. How they have their patrols, how they suffer if one of them was killed by a car on the road. Maybe everyone could describe how stupid bureaucrats are acting or how clinic bullies are hurting. My favorite Austrian blogger describes how he is working with his tractor on his vintage hill, as well describing how our life can end in a hospital though the doctors did their best. He describes how his own body loses the health step by step, he describes how he made some cigar-box guitars or organized photo-exhibitions: Michel de Montaigne comes into my mind: Yes, he was the first blogger exploring this courageous personal style of autobiographical writing – google Michel de Montaigne! Some centuries ago (1533 – 1592), R.I.P. Michel. I’m glad, that I have every morning a little column by my friend in Austria.


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