Story Challenge: Letter “Q”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “Q”? For example I’ve written about the “QUEEN’s DAY” in The Netherlands (read below) or about QUILTS or QUESTIONS, the cruise ship QUEEN MARY II or the QUORAN, QATAR or DON QUIXOTE, QUARTETS & QUINTETS, QUIETNESS or QWUINTESSENCE etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “Q”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “Q”!!!


K = Koninginnedag (Queen's Day)
Every year you can meet many happy people in the Netherlands on 30th of April, celebrating their QUEEN’s DAY = the “Koninginnedag” – more at – it seems, that every Dutch woman thinks to be a queen on that day, so they are celebrating themselves, posing proudly for the cameras = a basic democratical rite, not following the submissive attitude of the British subjects: so in the Netherlands we do not have a Queen’s Day but more a Queens’ Day (orange is the Dutch color) …
“Q” Photo Archive + “Q” Challenge + “Q” Galleries + ABC visualized: Q! + Queen’s Day, Netherlands
HOLLAND - Queen's Day

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70 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “Q”

    • thank you for:
      “The real act of discovery
      lies not in finding new lands,
      but seeing with new eyes”
      – Marcel Proust
      … and writing about that
      in a blog …


    • hi deepa,
      I survived many restrictions like those you’ve mentioned in your blog post (and others):
      “1. My sons forbade me to write about them- especially what they said or did. (The only allowance I got was for the dengue dairies!!)
      2.Others like my mom didn’t want me to write about any member of the family –both immediate and extended…”


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  3. Well, here I am bringing up the rear again, but had to get my Q in


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  5. Fun photos frizz! Have yet to cross my P :-(


    • hi Madhu,
      thank you for QOSQO “… was always known to the native Quechua people as Qosqo meaning ‘Navel of the Earth’. (How many navels can the earth possibly have?) After the Spanish invasion led by Fransisco Pizarro in 1533, Cusco was corrupted to Cuzco. The derogatory implications of this colonial adaptation led to the spelling being officially changed to Cusco in 1976…”


    it was great to be in quinoa country, and i hope you enjoy this final post!


    • seems to be an open gate paradise for cows!
      yesterday we saw in a cinema the German movie “Die Vermessung der Welt” featuring Alexander von Humboldt: we were excited by the many fragments which had been filmed in Ecuador – must be a wonderful country!


  7. I didn’t think I would make this challenge, but at last I have. Here is mine:



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  9. oops.. i think i gave the wrong link! perdon, i’m quite tired tonight!


  10. Here’s #2 of 3…
    not sure if #3 will get posted tomorrow.. long day of travel for the day.


  11. Hello Frizz….Hard challenge this week…I had to go through a lot of my pics till I found something good…It has been a REAL challenge…Hope you like it!


  12. Hi Frizz, Love your post on the Queen’s Day. Could not find a picture for this week. Will pass and see you next week.



  13. I just had to do a second entry. Who would know that Q could be so much fun.


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  16. Hi everybody! I’m a little late to the party this week, but here’s my take on this week’s Q Challenge;


  17. Queen’s Day looks like quite an event!

    Here is my entry – Qigong for health:


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  19. I remembered Holland. That was an interesting canal.


  20. Queen’s Day sounds a lot more fun than trying to get quotes in Portugal:


  21. Great image – what a wonderful attitude the queen in front shows – in fact I’n really loves queens except dragqueens but other do that and that’s great – the letter Q isn’t it the female letter or sign…?

    In danish if we mentioning a speciel woman we say that she is a female with big Q… :-)


    • “Quo Vadis..?“
      “…Figuratively, the external GPS has become so dominant
      that we maybe completely forget or ignore the internal GPS in ourselves…”
      – thank you for philosophical + psychological advice!


  22. Hi Frizz, what a lovely photo – one can sense the excitement and the rush through the image that you captured.

    Our featured photographer in GatheringBooks chose the theme “Q is for Quack said the Duck” – here is the link:×6


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  24. This is too hard, Frizz! Q is a hard letter! I don’t wanter to be a quitter, but I’m quite quushed!


  25. Hello! I like your choice for Q this week frizztext. I love the lively photo of many people having fun :)

    Here is my challenge for this week for the Letter “Q” Quartet.


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  27. What a great idea! Maybe I can start the tradition over here. I’ll have to remember that when April 30th comes around again. Great shot, as always.


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