the Q! photo archive

My 2012 project: to upload alphabetically A to Z some important topics, articles, photos. 2011 I’ve written about QUILTS, QUEENS or certain QUESTIONS – I wonder what will be in the endless stream of thoughts 2012!
Queens for ABC-visualized
compare my Q gallery: frizztext-galleries: Q! or my Q! / ABC-visualized group pool: group: abc-visualized: Q!

enjoy the photos, sent to my group “BLOG IT!” also by other flickr photographers
chasing the QUEEN!
Chasing the Queen
title=”Chasing the Queen” by gcquinn / Geoff Quinn, San Francisco
Queen of the coast
Queen of the coast
title=”Queen of the coast” by Alex Dram
Queen’s Day in Holland
HOLLAND - Amsterdam vs. Apeldoorn
photo by frizztext
Quilt Exhibition Zierikzee
photo by frizztext
Guanaguanare fluvial [Large-billed Tern] (Phaetusa simplex simplex)
title=”Guanaguanare fluvial” [Large-billed Tern] (Phaetusa simplex simplex) by barloventomagico
4 jackdaws longing for fried potatoes
photo by frizztext
Question, upcoming
Q = Question
photo by frizztext
Queens of Amsterdam
K = Koninginnedag (Queen's Day)
photo by frizztext
Question of lust
September's questions...
title=”September’s questions…” by cserban
title=”Q-T” by damselfly58
Quince blossoms
Quince blossoms
title=”Quince blossoms” by artLesley*
QUEEN’s DAY in Amsterdam
Crowded canals of Amsterdam
title=”Crowded canals of Amsterdam” by B℮n Visbeek
etc. [under construction...]

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20 responses to “the Q! photo archive

  1. Enjoyed your q archive today.
    No weekly photo challenge?
    I look to you to be early responder.

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  2. This project sounds exciting. Love the photos. Definitely the Amsterdam ones.

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  3. Nice ones for such a difficult letter! Can’t wait to see what you have in your Archive for the letter X ;) I will just have to be patient…

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  4. Can’t wait for it! Have to start thinking about q , x, maybe z also

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  5. Nice, diverse selection Frizz!

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  6. The “Q Cat” is very clever!

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  7. I love how a kitty forms a Q!

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  8. Sonel

    Great entries. :)

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  9. ‘Q’uality ‘Q’s, F.T.! :)

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  10. What a wonderful meeting of the Q challenge–queen of the beach and the Queen Mary and Chasing the Queen and the Q Cat and the Quartet–I think the Quartet is my very favorite.

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