No matter how she done it

Often mothers of blues guitarists (I have the focus on the roots of the blues masters 1920-1940) didn’t like it, if their sons switched to blues, leaving gospel music. Josh White for example sang with a pseudonym as a blues singer, trying not to hurt his mother. At first I didn’t understand that. But then, trying to write down the lyrics of some TAMPA RED songs, I began to understand…

what's up B?
title=”what’s up B?” self portrait by nikkidelmont, she graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia – click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr
I like to play songs of TAMPA RED, 1904-1981… for example the song NO MATTER HOW SHE DONE IT: “I know a girl by the name of Mae Lou / she shook it so much / she had a diamond blue.” CHORUS: “No matter how she done it / No matter how she done it / No matter how she done it / she done it just the same.” … “The copper brought her in, she didn’t need no bail, she shook it for the judge and put the cop in jail (no matter HOW she done it)… ”

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4 responses to “No matter how she done it

  1. some jazz and blues songs were naughty in their words ….
    can you imagine what the mothers would think of the words
    in rap songs?


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