To Her Majesty With Irony

once John Lennon made an ironical tribute for the Queen – I try to make a tribute to John Lennon, hero of political irony, fingerpicking on my Gypsy guitar …
self portrait, click on the photo to enter the flickr gallery of frizztext
1. video: myself fingerpicking style on my Gypsy guitar

2. video: Queen Elizabeth II, slide show with music:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

13 responses to “To Her Majesty With Irony

  1. 🙂
    you are photogenic!
    nice person!
    Ciao Frizz…
    .your wife is the author of the picture?


    • my wife Barbara has the endless patience to take the portrait pictures and the videos. I have to admit, I often made mistakes while trying to pick a perfect finger style guitar; this take was the seventh – six before with failures … – oh my, I would blame myself on a stage. but I hope for youtube it is good enough?


    • Photogenic! Exactly my thought.


  2. You know Frizz, I think you probably have more pictures with your guitar than her Majesty has in different hats! Great photo of you btw. Margie


  3. Love these! The camera captures you beautifully. 😉


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  5. Pardon me for continuing to chuckle over these light-hearted ironies in this post. Lennon and McCartney and Frizz–what wonderful guards for Buckingham Palace indeed. (None of which the U.K. can actually afford to pay for, of course!)


  6. Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl . . . and wonderful photos!


  7. Love the hat and your guitar strumming… lovely! 😉


  8. I rather like this one 🙂


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