Olympic Games 2012

On Friday evening 2012/07/27 the Queen opened the XXX. Olympic Games in London – a wonderful performance there: thanks to the flickr photographer WGSFB77! Finish: Sir Paul (aged 70) sang “HEY JUDE” again – and the audience with him, really heart touching!
Celebrating the Opening
title=”Celebrating the Opening” photo by WGSFB77, click on the picture to enter his flickr photostream
a few minutes later, same photographer:
The Flame is Lit and Up
title=”The Flame is Lit and Up” photo by WGSFB77, click on the picture to enter his flickr photostream

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24 responses to “Olympic Games 2012

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  2. I thought the cauldron lighting was just spectacular!


  3. I watched in awe. I enjoyed in amazement. I cried, like a baby. Spectacular!


  4. A ‘down to earth’ openeing ceremony


  5. I think the ceremony was fantastic. It was wonderful to see Paul McCartney singing on stage.
    The lighting of the caldron at the end was awesome. A nice start to the Oylmpics.


  6. It was spectacular! Amazing!


  7. vastlycurious

    Fabulous pictures-!! Thank you!


  8. Truly incredible Olympic torch lighting! And WOW about “Hey, Jude.”!


  9. What a great event!


  10. Great colors… It is going well. Wish I were there. 😉


  11. thank you for sharing these photos – i completely missed out on the opening ceremony!


  12. Very cool purple photos from a most memorable opening ceremony.


  13. I thought the Opening ceremony was heaps of fun, even if the Queen clearly didn’t! I lived in Britain for 12 years and the ceremony really highlighted so much of what is brilliant about Britain. Sadly the Critical Mass bike ride being kettled (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jul/29/critical-mass-police-arrest-three) is an indication of what the UK appears to be turning into…


  14. Monumental FrizzText, a wonderful article!


  15. Spectacular view. Like this post a lot.


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