Dogs and dogs

Some could bite but never would, others are ready to bite but not able. That seems to be a reflection about dogs and aggression. But it could also be related to human beings or states. What about Iran? The Hormuz Strait seems to be like one bone for two dogs? The European Union yesterday launched an oil embargo vs. Iran …
Hundeparkplatz / Dog parking space
photo via by onkel_wart / Thomas Lieser, Vienna sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!
– click on the photo to enter his collection…

Deutsch: Straße von Hormuz. Auf dem Originalbi...

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24 responses to “Dogs and dogs

  1. I’ll take the dog… over all the human shenanigans and machinations! 😆


  2. Thank goodness that most never would – dog or human 😉


  3. TBM

    Love the comparison


  4. I don’t know… Dogs wouldn’t build bombs would they?!


  5. Hmm, impressive dog.


  6. Interesting how you tie in current events and past events with photos and words. You definitely have your own way of doing so. Nice. Margie


  7. Yes, very telling, but maybe more so of the owners than anything else. Dogs are dogs.


  8. The photo portrays such opposites.


  9. Like the dog/country comparison. How about muzzles for countries? Now that would be a useful thing, and just to be clear, I’m not suggesting putting one on Iran!


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  11. Frizz, you are most blessed for drawing this analogy between the perched up little dog in the special seat beside the muzzled stronger dog below and the EU and U.S. relationship to the whole Iran-Hormuz strait thing! The so-called developed world is to mid-East oil as these dogs are to BaconStrip treats!


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