Reverse Ideas

once I sat with my electric guitar
on a wooden chair –
better than the reverse:
sitting with a wooden guitar
on an electric chair
Still Rockin
title=”Still Rockin” – photo by JACK BYERS.,
click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr”

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writer, photographer, guitarist

16 responses to “Reverse Ideas

  1. Oh, MUCH better indeed!!!!


  2. You’ve just brightened my morning with this witticisim.


  3. I love it…and oh so true! Thank you for getting me to laugh…I have not felt like it lately. Have a wonderful rest of the week Frizz 😛


  4. Ha ha ha Thanks for making me laugh!


  5. Claudia

    That’s a rockin’ electric guitar 🙂


  6. Oh yes, I agree! Much better!


  7. It’s also better than sitting with a wooden chair on an electric guitar. Well, take your pick.


  8. Wolfgang Hermann

    you prefer a chilli lady with a carrot heart ?


  9. I don’t know why, but it makes me think of a Johnny Lee Hooker song or Eric Clapton. It’s that classic guitar. 🙂


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