Story Challenge: Letter “E”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “E”? For example I’ve written about EGGS and EYES, EAGLES and ELKS, EXISTENTIALISM or Expressionism, about Education and Experiences, Europe and ESCALATORS, ETHIOPIA or Egypt, the EHEC bacterium or ELECTRICITY, about EROTIC as a positive ENERGY or ESCAPE as a strategy, about the EQUAL Pay Day or the EARTH hour, about EMPATHY or EMERGENCY, about ELEPHANTS and EXPOSITIONS, the ELTZ castle in Germany or the “Eilean Donan” Castle in Scotland, about EMMYLOU Harris or ERIC Lafforgue – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “E”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “E”!!!


i will eat you, mouse
photo by Wolfgang Hermann; title=”i will eat you, mouse”
– click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!

my “E” story / short reflection / comment tagged with “E”:

to apologize: though I’ve read Sören Kierkegaard and Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche, Edmund Husserl and Karl Jaspers, Antoine de Exupery and Michel Foucault: I am still silly enough to believe, animals could understand that stylish EXISTENTIALISM-feeling …
listen to the thoughts of Henry, the Existentialism cat:

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67 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “E”

  1. If I was a mouse, I would be very, very afraid. 🙂


  2. This is just how an animal will think about us humans


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  4. Thank you for your challenge this week. Love your post. I learned a new word. Here is my entry: Elderly Influence:



    • hey Francine,
      “People grow old only by deserting their ideas.
      Years may wrinkle the skin,
      but to give up interest wrinkles the soul…”
      thank you for this –
      you’re helping me
      not to give up my interests!


  5. Thank you for introducing me to Monsieur le chat!


  6. Very big eyes you have…cat. 🙂


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  8. laura@eljaygee

    Excrutiatingly funny in an understated evocation of fur.


  9. I might be able to come up with something for this one, ft. 😉


  10. I often remember English because I need to learn it.


    • ELECTRICITY: some days ago in your Tokyo the political party of the GREENS / oeco was established with the support by our German politician Bärbel Höhn – now they gather arguments against nuclear power electricity + their logo is a sunflower …


    thanks for early birds’ bird watching – though freezing temperatures! dance with them …


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  13. “E” is for EXCITEMENT the EARTH provides!


  14. The eyes have it for le chat noir. Mine is the opposite of yours, white on white:


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  16. Hi Frizz, another interesting challenge! Love Henry the Existentialist cat. Here’s mine: Escape:


    • – Sometimes I am able to escape this commonplace life
      – Our only escape is not to run away, but to learn to love the people we are and the world in which we find ourselves.
      – rain showers, boats on Deep Creek Lake, walks in the woods, good shopping malls, vegan meals with my sons, medical check-ups, lazy times and laughs with my children. Time with my husband, my father, friends, my dog Bailey.
      – a true escape, to Greece, for two adventurous, carefree weeks
      it was heart touching to read this … – thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings about the topic ESCAPE!


  17. No Existi… I give up… 😉 Just simple Electricity from me today…


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  20. Hmmm…I have seen a similar look from a kitty before!
    Here is a Snowy Egret. It is no longer endangered, but many other species are, and facing extinction:


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  22. Fats Suela

    I love your Letter “E” post, both the word existentialism and the cat photo. That cat must surely be in deep thought because I find myself drowning in its eyes. 🙂


  23. Thank you for the honor to show a picture of one of my cats , her name is shushi because she prefer asian food like sudhis, makis. ..
    This is an other side of existentialism : life and dead
    and the link to a picture which is in a connection to my maki picture:
    Enjoy the life how long it is possible


  24. What a lovely story in the video
    A masterpiece


  25. Hello frizztext. Hope you and yours are well and happy. I have chosen ENTRANCES for this week. Specially the entrance to the River.


  26. Original idea…fun concept to blogging.


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  28. what a great cat! here is mine frizz


    • Excitement – thanks for this:
      “… brought back memories of the time when, as a child, I had penpals. Strangers from exotic countries became my friends. I would wait eagerly for their letters through which I learnt about them and their countries and proudly showed off their pictures at school.
      It feels like déjà vu again. Only this time, I don’t have to wait for weeks, just minutes or hours for a reply…”


  29. Wolfgang Hermann

    another example for existentialism :
    the happy butcher


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  33. A cat has to be the epitome of existemtialism 🙂 Adore Henry!
    Here is mine Frizz. Meant write about Ephesus but just didn’t find time.


  34. hi Madhu,
    I like your resume:
    “don’t mess with a woman,
    especially one of means,
    it’s your own risk!”


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