Story Challenge: Letter “E”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “E”? For example I’ve written about EGGS and EYES, EAGLES and ELKS, EXISTENTIALISM or Expressionism, about Education and Experiences, Europe and ESCALATORS, ETHIOPIA or Egypt, the EHEC bacterium or ELECTRICITY, about EROTIC as a positive ENERGY or ESCAPE as a strategy, about the EQUAL Pay Day or the EARTH hour, about EMPATHY or EMERGENCY, about ELEPHANTS and EXPOSITIONS, the ELTZ castle in Germany or the “Eilean Donan” Castle in Scotland, about EMMYLOU Harris or ERIC Lafforgue – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “E”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “E”!!!


i will eat you, mouse
photo by Wolfgang Hermann; title=”i will eat you, mouse”
– click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!

my “E” story / short reflection / comment tagged with “E”:

to apologize: though I’ve read Sören Kierkegaard and Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche, Edmund Husserl and Karl Jaspers, Antoine de Exupery and Michel Foucault: I am still silly enough to believe, animals could understand that stylish EXISTENTIALISM-feeling …
listen to the thoughts of Henry, the Existentialism cat:

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