Car Stories

Do you have a little story about a car, which still lives in your memories?
title=”Karmann-Ghia” / Volkswagen – photo by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter his galleries
I’ve written (at for example about a red Volkswagen / Karmann-Ghia:
“My friend died in the sixties in such a car, because he drove with high speed below a truck who came from the right side (in the night); headless he ended.
My friend (U. Sandermann) played wonderful guitar in a swing jazzband (and he loved to talk about philosophy) – I miss him …
comment there by Kevin Trotman / The Rocketeer –
“Sad story. Sorry to hear about Sandermann… he sounded like a talented friend. I had a 1972 model but not convertible. Mine was green. I crashed it into a telephone pole the day before my last year of High School was to begin because I was showing off in a parking lot and not paying attention. I was not hurt, but the accident caused enough damage to the car that it would cost more to repair than my father paid for it, so alas, it was no more. I loved that summer of 1978 when I did enjoy my Karmann Ghia. To this day, however, I will not own a green car because of this.”
joyousjoym – – commented:
“Sorry to hear about your friend ! I lost my baby brother at 29 years old ! He and his wife miscalculated the turn and hit a drainage cauldron and the truck exploded ! My brother was killed instantly but his wife had on her seat belt and survived the crash only to burn in the fire as her door wouldn’t open ! I was 9 months into my youngest sons pregnancy! They burried them the day i gave birth ! I had no idea – it was even happening when i went into the hosp to have my son , they were making arrangments to burry my brother ! I miss him ! It was at night too and they had just gotten off of work and also had been drinking !”
Vladimir Dimitroff – – commented:
“Tragic death of a fine musician triggers memories of lost loved ones… We all have those stories, life is full of absurd and cruel moments and I sympathise with everyone whose memories were invoked. As ‘movie frames’ from my own friends and relatives flashed through my head, I aso remembered that life still goes on – and must go on. And I always prefer to celebrate life, even in the face of tragic loss… And a red open-top car is a celebration of life; this particular one a very fine example, well preserved and very well photographed. I wish I could take it for a spin right now!

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21 responses to “Car Stories

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. But you have wonderful memories.



  2. Oh, your new template is cool.


  3. Gorgeous little car. I have quite a few stories about cars I’ve owned. 😀


  4. These are heart breaking stories. My cousin died our senior year in high school. He was on his way to school. A truck driver fell asleep and veered into his lane. He was always voted most popular. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Graduation was tough at our little school.


  5. Gemma

    Oh how I loved this car. Mine was green. A 1970 ghia I purchased in 1974. Before that, a VW bug (1961′ bought in 1970), a VW bus (1964 bought in ’69 and got me to California and back – Ah. Those were the days, my friend) and my first was a ’65 bug, bought in 68. I now how a 2003 black convertible bug. Do I love these cars?!?! 🙂


  6. 1965 - my very first car
    maybe I’ll write about my own car: as I helped my mother to learn car driving (we landed upside down in a small lake, deep in the forest)…
    comment by Julie Alicea: My father would only buy these cars and there were 5 of us who would have to stuff ourselves into that car. and to make matters worse he loved to travel, we travelled all over Europe in that little car and then he brought it to Puerto Rico and we travelled all over the island in it, then we moved to the USA and travelled in almost every state in the union stuffed like sardines in that car. My sister and I had an imaginary line in the back seat where she was not allowed to cross and vice versa, and if she put one finger on my side we would start fighting like cats and dogs in the back of the VW, imagine that with 5 people in it!
    comment by “stumbleon”: My father had a 1954 VW with a split rear window like yours. Then I had a 1971 VW which I loved. I even lived in it for a while.


  7. I remember a grey ambassador(MMU 3926) we had.I was on the way back from my hydrology exam in my fourth year when an old truck laden with sand ran over the meter high concrete barrier in the highway and rammed into my car.I was in the back seat with my nose in the question paper.The first thing I became aware of was a grinding noise and my car shuddering.I remember my driver slamming on his brakes and a tug of war between both vehicles which went on forever.Then when the vehicles came to a halt my driver dashed out of the car.The truck driver stood shivering.His eyes were rolling with fear,By then traffic on both sides,8 lanes of them had come to a halt and a police jeep had turned up on the spot.
    Here is what I learnt later.The truck driver lost control of his vehicle while coming downhill and ran over a man,then ploughed through the barrier and dashed against my car.
    I remember with gratitude my driver, Patil, for his courage and presence of mind on stepping on the brakes.Thus my car didn’t turn turtle or hit other vehicles.
    I am grateful for the heavy gauge metal in Ambassador bodies.It kept my driver safe.Modern car bodies would have crumpled up and at least shattered my drivers knees.
    I am grateful to escape unhurt.The unfortunate pedestrian was not so lucky.My driver who had rushed to his assistance told me that his torso was crushed and his legs were in a bad way and would have to be amputated.
    I suffered a bad night when I couldn’t sleep.I spent the night huddled up with my mom and with the lights on.I couldn’t revise a single page for the next day’s Traffic Engineering exam.Luckily my previous preparation stood me in good stead.The poor pedestrian died the next day in hospital.The doctors couldn’t do much for him.


  8. Oh dear Frizz what sad stories! Here is a little poem I wrote a couple of years ago about a car I loved very much! Someone crashed into her when she was parked in the snow 😦

    On the curve of the road, cute Bluebell car awaits her final trip.
    At first glance well turned out but check her battered derriere.
    The breakdown hearse pulls up and the Undertaker
    Spying newly exposed rust on Bluebell’s wounds, disdainfully says,
    ‘Does it drive?’ ‘Beautifully yes, it’s just a bashed back end’.
    His feculent boots tamp a mess in the foot well,
    I bite back a reprimand while thinking how careless.
    His chubby fist takes control of reverse gear,
    Bluebell rockets into her hearse with a thrust he failed to anticipate.
    Shove his arrogance, she’s not dead yet.
    Her descendant purrs readiness in the Auto trader pages.


  9. I love colorful cars. 😉


  10. Very sorry to read about your friend.
    One of my best friends, who is old enough to be my dad, has been a professional clown for over 40 years. He looks just like Santa Claus (the beard is real and he and dresses up as Santa for many children’s holiday parties). I often ride with him in his small green boxy Scion because we do a lot of volunteer work together. Sometimes I forget I am riding in his car and wonder why people in other cars look at us funny, smile amusingly or try to take a picture. Then I remember that I am riding in a car with someone who looks just like Santa, dresses in bold colorful clothing (clown colors), we’re in a green boxy car with lightening bolt decals across the sides, and a license plate that reads, “Clown1.” During xmas holidays he calls his car his “sleigh.” Very eye-catching, but he’s a wonderful and fun person.


  11. wow, i’m glad to have inspired you to post this – such lovely, wonderful photos and memories. thank you for sharing! cheers, y


  12. Both sad and happy memories Frizz. Lost my brother in a car crash 30 years ago to the month! He was 22.


  13. I came across your blog on google and check out a few of your early articles. Stay with the very good articles. Ill probably be by again to read more, thanks for the information!.


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