Dog Memories


Our dog’s species was “Old English Sheep Dog” / Bobtail
 – we’ll never forget him, Sarah was his name – 
we had so many funny experiences with him 
running through snow pulling sledges, 
swimming in the North Sea, salty water bad for hairs,
finding the right path in a pathless forest, 
running through a wedding in a chapel, 
dividing tough the fresh couple
stealing our neighbour’s hat or slippers, 
stealing the ball from a soccers’ field 
during an important match 
– we had often some big trouble – 
but back home we always had to laugh!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “Dog Memories

  1. sweet post he looks like a gentle giant 🙂


  2. Amazing “Dog-Throne”!


  3. Such endearingly funny memories you have shared here with us, Frizz, about your wonderful sheepdog Sarah! I can just picture him stealing that soccer ball! These canine family members are just irreplaceable, are they not?


  4. Trompie thinks he was a handsome fellow!


  5. Old English Sheepdogs are wonderful dogs, very intelligent. He is a beauty!


  6. “From up here I can keep both eyes on my flock!” (Sarah seems to say)


  7. hahaha…very amusing (also, this is the first time I have seen the name Sarah used for a male)! And for me…shoes chewed to pieces and sleepless nights (puppy constantly barking and getting used to a new home), but every day, he walked me to the end of a lengthy driveway to catch the school bus in the morning, and enthusiastically met me at the same place in the afternoon when the school bus brought me home. Such a great dog!
    Do you know the story of Hachiko the dog? A true story about a dog’s amazing loyalty to his master. It occurred in Tokyo. There is a statue outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo, but I have not been to Tokyo yet. I saw the recent movie based on the true story. Although the setting for the movie is in the US, I could watch it over and over again.ō's_Tale


  8. He looks gorgeous. My friend had two like him. Big friendly giants.


  9. Anonymous

    Am liebsten moechte ich meine Haende in ihrem dicken, rauhen Fell vergraben!


  10. Sweet and vivid memories.


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