Our 48th Anniversary

Today my wife and me – we have our 48th anniversary. We met 1965 – and we are looking back today: How our daughters grew up, our cars changed, the interior of our rooms too. And we had some memories of our pets; not only cats! Once our family life was shared by an old English sheep dog named Sarah. I was excited, when I discovered this morning a Dutch couple, who shot some wonderful photo series of their dog Sarah (and Sophie): Visit their photo documents at The-everyday-adventures-of-a-couple-of-shaggy-old-English-sheepdogs – or via dewollewei’s photostream
Our dog’s species was “Old English Sheep Dog” / Bobtail – we’ll never forget him, Sarah was his name – we had so many funny experiences with him running through snow pulling sledges, swimming in the North Sea, salty water bad for hairs, finding the right path in a pathless forest, running through a wedding in a chapel, dividing tough the fresh couple, stealing our neighbor’s hat or slippers, stealing the ball from a football field during an important match – we had often some big trouble – but back home we always had to laugh!
dewollewei’s photostream
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