feedback: letter A

Feel free to add (without any time limit!) your latest reflection on an A-word: What is actually your most important word with the letter A? America, Africa, Antarctic? Anxiety, anger, aggression? Automobile, A-bomb, armchair? Adoption? Adventure? Acrobatics? Affliction or Adoration? Antenna or Atomium? In our last photo challenge with the focus on the letter A some had the focus on animals or angels, attention or accomodation, on airplanes or archways, on Alleyway, Azalea or “Ainhoa”…
Ice skating in the Jordaan
AMSTERDAM – photo by Ben Visbeek

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21 responses to “feedback: letter A

  1. If the canals freeze over, what happens to the boats?


  2. I’m going to post this with the A word being “Asleep”. This was an amazing day as it had been completely cloudy and stormy. Suddenly the clouds broke through and the sight was a brilliant contrast—sun where I was, storm clouds in the distant. It lasted only a minute. So glad I had the camera! It was like the sky was asleep and suddenly awakened.


  3. This frozen Amsterdam canal scene, wit the bicycles on that bridge, the architecture and the skaters is MORE than a Winter Wonderland for this Deep Southern USA ol’ gal!


  4. Wow! Amazing my friend!


  5. Love coming here to see the shots you post! my latest post features the Antigua Casa Figueras. I guess antique counts 🙂


  6. a is ambigous, ambiance, adventure and allure

    A is an exciting letter.


  7. I can almost feel the cool air!


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