Story Challenge: Letter “A”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “A”? For example I’ve written about Africa, architecture, Amish People, atheism or ancestors – others wrote about America, Antarctic, A-bomb. Also about anxiety, anger, aggression; automobiles, armchairs, adoptions; adventures, acrobatics. They wrote about affliction or adoration, antenna or atomium! In our last photo challenge with the topic letter “A” some had the focus on animals or angels, attention or accomodation, on airplanes or archways, on Alleyway, Azalea or “Ainhoa”…


Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with subsaharian inmigrants).
title=”Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with subsaharian inmigrants). by Miguelángel
– click on the image to enter the photographer’s collection …

my “A” story / reflection / short comment:

AFRICA is in my reflections, because it is (for me) a reminder to basic feelings: to love colors, dancing, strong emotions. It’s sad, that Europe is blocking boat people, who had the personal courage to escape from bad African conditions, trying to immigrate to Europe. What a loss of chances, to change European lifestyle by learning to express more emotional responses.

feedback by Elizabeth Obih-Frank:
eof737 says: May 22, 2012 at 3:09 am “Perhaps, if the corrupt governments of the countries these poor boat people are trying to escape would do the right thing, rebuild their infrastructure, and manage their IMF loans better, we won’t have situations like this. Of course, we must also address the ways some of those European nations collude with despots on the continent… Ah, a topic for another day! My dear Frizz, this is far more complex than welcoming or not welcoming people on a boat. Yes, it is tragic and yes, for the sake of compassion, accommodations ought to be made but, the problem is deeper, systemic, and complicated by greedy global players in the mix. Until those conditions are addressed this will continue to happen. My post on A Helping Hand is a reminder that helping our fellow man is important, however, it also points out that greed is a deterrent to that premise… and sadly, there’s plenty of greed to go around in our world. So, so Sad…

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85 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “A”

  1. It is a complex issue indeed because lots of things to be considered.

    Great challenge, Frizz! I’ll post mine later. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on A-Z ARCHIVE : NELLIBELL49 IN 2012 and commented:


  3. Very complex, tragic and sad. All I can say – the world is a crazy place at times!


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  6. Claudia

    I’ve decided to pass on the story challenge for lack of stories on my blog. I mostly have photos and short descriptions for photo challenges. Instead, I am going to complete the previous a-z photo challenge by posting the letters I am missing. I only have eight letters (a,b,i,j,k,l,m,n) left. I’ll continue to come by your great blog. Here’s my entry for my A-Z Archive Photo Challenge (Catch Up Challenge) letter A:


  7. Running away will not change anything for those who are left behind. And any country is entitled to its own culture not change being forced on them.


  8. Thanks for highlighting my comment on your previous post on the immigrant boat fiasco. Many talk a good game about humane treatment, but their actions show something far more sinister. I encourage your readers to read this NYTimes article on that horrific incident:
    May God help us all!


  9. dd16591569

    you post has a Very nice idea ..


  10. I posted a blog only yesterday about my Ancestors for Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post.

    very much in keep with your writing challenge


    • hi Rosa,
      ANCESTORS – thank you for your roots-story: “…One of the few references I could get of my ancestors with my maiden name was the following: ‘They departed from Gent as “domestiques” in the party of an affluent gentleman named Jacques de Savoye on the 29th of January 1688 on the ship Oosterlandt and reached their destination on the 25th of April 1688.’ That morning when I wandered through the historic part of Gent and realised that their feet might have fell on same places as mine, it became a very precious moment to me…”


  11. I am no writer of any sort so I would like to enter pictures with other peoples words if that is okay.


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  14. Not so much a “story” as it is a straight-up mini travelogue about downtown Cleveland, but hey… good times. 🙂


  15. I’ve been working on my own Personal A to Z of Portugal. Here’s what I wrote for A: A is for Alva, the river Alva:


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  17. On the Ball this time Frizztext cos I’d been thinking about this for a while 🙂

    Hope that’s ok 🙂


    • hi Martin,
      thanks for:
      “Lets talk about Albums…”
      my first album:
      “American Folk Blues Festival” with Sony Terry and Brownie McGhee.
      Then Elvis, THE BEATLES, Chris Barber, Django Reinhardt –
      music became the substitute for going into the church in the sixties …


  18. Yes, very sad indeed that people seeking a better life and sacrificing so much in that seeking are turned away! As you requested, dear Frizz, here is my link to “A Sermon” from my website:, a post entitled “….and who is that telling us we cannot give up?”


  19. Opps, my comment just disappeared. So I will try again: Very sad indeed that those folks seeking a better life and sacrificing so much in that seeking are turned away from other lands. And as you requested, here is my link to “A Sermon” from my blog:, a post entitled “…..and who is that telling us we cannot give up?”


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  22. I’m not a storyteller, but I did my best. Here is artwork as a form of meditation. Very important for me:


  23. Hello fellow A-Zers. And so we begin again … here’s my take on the letter A:


  24. Hi Frizz! I love your story about African immigrants! Here is my story about Andong, South Korea.


  25. Tragic state of affairs Frizz. Have never understood why progress = indifference and apathy!
    Let me see what I can come up with for your new series.


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  27. Thank you for the new challenge! I look forward to participating and reading the many wonderful stories that I know will come from you and your contributors.


  28. a brave story frizz, well done! i might be out for a while, life is taking over but luckily health has returned … just a few crazy things happening, death and travel, blessings to you 🙂


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  30. Here is my entry: ACROBATS



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  34. Interesting challenge


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  37. Here’s what I posted, hope it fits the new idea of the challenge 🙂


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