A-Z Archive: A Challenge

In 2011 I liked to join the weekly photo challenge every Friday, an idea of the stuff around http://dailypost.wordpress.com/category/photo-challenges/. Now they seem to have new goals, so why not carry on their idea? My suggestion: Let’s try to continue! This week’s topic: the “A” archive: introduce one photo of your archive with an “A” keyword for example AFRICA (like me) or Antarctic, Aggression or Angst, Adventure or Animal – I’m sure you’ll find a picture. Let’s stay in contact like we used to do in 2011!

photo “A-Archive / AFRICA” by Frizztext, click on the image to enter my flickr photo collection …
thanks for support to:
1 Adorable
2 Animal
3 Angels
4 Alleyway
5 A-Archive (Asia etc.)
6 Nellibell’s reblog
7 Attention / A-Launch
8 Ainhoa / Arenita
9 Accomodation
10 Accommodation
11 Airplane
12 Azalea
13 Arches or Archways
[under construction]
NEXT Archive-Challenge
on Tuesday, January 10th: “B”
you can search for a B photo in the meantime
analyze the material at
titles (weekly Tuesdays):
A-Z Archive: A Challenge
A-Z Archive: B Challenge
A-Z Archive: C Challenge
A-Z Archive: D Challenge
A-Z Archive: E Challenge
tag: “A-Z Archive
always on Tuesday

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91 responses to “A-Z Archive: A Challenge

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  2. Here’s my entry. Late, but done. :)
    I may end up playing catch up with your new story challenge. :)


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  10. Love your work. Here was the start of my challenge for the alphabet: A
    Was the start of a fun project. Looking forward to following you through the alphabet.


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  17. MindMindful

    Perhaps I’ve missed this elsewhere: Is this A-Z Archive challenge something YOU started? is it all across the internet? just wordpress?

    Anyway, I like it & will join in once my 2nd blog, dedicated to photography, is up………Thanks!


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  23. How do I join? Can I ‘back-post’ as in do a post for the missed letters A – G ?


  24. hi frizztext, it took me weeks, but here is my A entry! http://wp.me/296YA hope you like it …I am certainly going to enjoy trolling through the archives to meet your challenge each week :)


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  26. Hey folks, Could be the U.S. significantly greater off sticking with Syria’s Assad?


  27. Negative news – Syria’s ‘mutilation mystery’ increases…


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  30. Enjoy it. Great idea! :-)


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  32. what an “A”mazing idea!!


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  36. Hey Frizz I’m ready with my A archive. Thanks for this initiation. http://didised.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/a-z-archive-a-challenge/


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  38. May I propose “A-Z Archive” as a tag for all of us? I believe some of you are excellent graphic artists, perhaps a logo, if anyone is willing to offer one?


  39. Love the idea..I am in!


  40. i wish i have more time to be part of this but I will try to post at least a few :)


  41. Very good idea… I wish i have time to join but i will make sure to check your posts and photos


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  43. Here’s mine http://jullianeford.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/weekly-az-archive-a-ainhoa/ . I am using your new idea for the title ofthe challenge, but if you eventually come up with something else, I’ll fix it.


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  48. Timing is perfect! If I can participate with a different title, I posted this earlier because I didn’t know if WordPress would have a theme today, and I like this little bird pose. Here are two “A’s” – “Avian” and “Attitude”.
    Thanks FrizzText!


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  50. Yay! I was missing it really. What a brilliant idea count me in – !


  51. Ok – here’s mine… http://2e0mca.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/weekly-photo-challenge-a-archive/

    Do you have a suggested tag frizztext? Or do we use the old one?


  52. Frizztext, thank you for this wonderful suggestion which does seem to be gathering traction! I seem to have missed the daily post/photo challenge memo . . .

    Great photo to lead with btw!


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  54. Well if thats the case I will have something ready as well as I just looked around in there for the challenge and all I found was your little challenge Frizz! so “A” it is ..


  55. I am with you FRIZZTEXT. i rather think you will offer far mofre stimulating ideas than WordPress has. Its dawn here in Australia and some of you have already beaten me to this. Good Morning to you all. I am very pleased to go through the alphabet with you L.


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  57. It’s a wonderful idea! You can create a new blog for the weekly photo challenges only if that’s ok with the WordPress policy. There will be many followers :-)


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  59. Fab idea. Thanks for taking the lead here.


  60. Oh, really? They’re not doing the weekly photo challenges? Yes – we should continue. I’ll do mine later (much later) today. :)


  61. I like this idea. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet & 52 weeks in a year, we could go through the alphabet twice this year &/or start something new every week after we’ve gone through once. What do you think? I’ll repost your idea.


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  63. theWomanAtTheWell

    May your archives continue to record the life and light of the adventures you accept (and maybe even a few you might reject). Good post great challenge. Blessings to you my Frizz family. -watw


  64. I hope that they will continue the weekly photo challenge, but if nothing has appeared by Saturday morning, I’ll willingly take up your challenge Frizztext :-) Got an ‘A’ in mind already!


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