the secret magic of photography

fascinated by a magic BLUE. Maybe a BLUES-feeling? Many of the moods (a photographer as an artist is wandering through) stay secret, subconsciously.
sick fearless bastard
title=”sick fearless bastard” by Crazy Ivory / Ivo Berg – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
Ivor Berg comments: “I took this in the middle of the night on Ed and Frans balcony. I loved both of the cats, but they were incredibly suicidal all the time. They actually fought and chased each other on this railing, and as you can see its pretty damn fucking high. My heart always skipped a beat when I saw them doing this, but Ed told me its OK. Loco gatos potones!”
Rainy Morning
title=”Rainy Morning” by cindy47452 / Cindy Seigle – click on the picture to enter her flickr galleries
Cindy Seigle comments: “Came across these two buggies on a rainy morning recently. I had to wait until we topped the hill to pass, so I took the opportunity to snap a couple shots of them…”
comparing these two very different pictures I feel, we could start to understand, WHY and WHEN a photographer feels a “MUST” to shoot. Comparing: a cat (1, by Ivo Berg) is not a human being (2, by Cindy Seigle). Amish people communities (2, medieval lifestyle) not Santiago de Chile (1, permanent night lights). Courage (1, fearless bastard cat) is very different to the efforts of following the rules of an old religion (2, no electricity as a rule). But the same: it seems, both photographers were fascinated by a magic BLUE. Maybe a BLUES-feeling? Many of the moods (a photographer as an artist is wandering through) stay secret, subconsciously.

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16 responses to “the secret magic of photography

  1. Indeed there is a Secret to feel
    Perhaps you would like to have a look on a picture of me:

    the story 32

    Have Fun


  2. The first photo is very interesting. The cat must feel scary.


  3. The cat’s fearlessness makes for a good photo, but that cat is crazy! I like the photo and cringe at the same time because it is a long way down.


  4. That cat is braver than I am, F.T.!
    I think I’d have tipped over long before that shot was taken!


  5. Magical, enchanting photography indeed! I am flying away with the hangglider right now, so light-as-air is my spirit from viewing these amazing photos.


  6. polly

    beautiful cat


  7. Really like both of them! Margie


  8. The kitty is in danger! 😀


  9. I like what you say earlier ‘of course to use a camera is parallel to the human behavior of story telling.’ When a photograph captures me it’s also the story that captures me. Now as I write and photograph the two blur at times.

    I like both photographs, but that cat gives me the jitters!:)


  10. Sonel

    Stunning shots! 🙂


  11. This is absolutely stunning. My word! I feel so left out when I see over-the-top photography like this.

    I awarded you on my blog, BTW. Just something for your collection. And oh! I re-used your Amazing Grace as an itermission for my celebration of my 100th post. Hope it’s no problem.


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