Eric Lafforgue – thinking via photography

Eric Lafforgue’s work is a kind of social sciences,
philosophy, political art, petition for moral and ethics,
done by a wise observer with focus on human interest and
the best example for the saying:
“one picture says more than 1000 words …”
1Miss Mouna smiling under her veil, Salalah, Oman2End of the Arirang mass game - Pyongyang North Korea
3Bana girl with gun - Omo valley Ethiopia4The Muhacaona doll - Angola
5Father With Kalpak Hat And With His Son Wearing A Cap, Kochkor Animal Market, Kyrgyzstan6Woman with a spider web scarf on the face, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
7Woman at cellphone, Tokyo, Japan8Diqoo, a Borana woman - El Dima Ethiopia
with a click on the photo you will be linked to Eric Lafforgue’s own photo pool at flickr. There you can examine if the photo was taken in Oman or Angola, Ethiopia or Kyrgyzstan, Japan or North Korea –
all 6 photos by Eric Lafforgue, Toulouse, France
visit also his perfect website

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writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “Eric Lafforgue – thinking via photography

  1. thirdhandart

    Very nice photos!


  2. Terrific selection! 🙂


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    there is a sensible soul to feel
    and a sensible fast eye


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