Traffic Increasing

Traffic in our cities is increasing. So in my hometown Wuppertal. There we have a hanging tram. It makes wise to compare with other traffic solutions in various parts of the world. Please help to find more examples and add a new link to this topic!
monorail 27
photo by Frizztext – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries…

more examples for traffic:
1Night Train 2Brooklyn Bridge Traffic
3RED TRAFFIC 2 4urban impressions
5velo-taxi 6escalator, Berlin
7S = sailship 8Canale Grande Venezia
all photos by Frizztext – click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries…

the photo below was shot by Ben Visbeek in Amsterdam:
Crowded canals of Amsterdam
click on the picture to enter the galleries of Ben Visbeek …

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27 responses to “Traffic Increasing

  1. What about bicycles!


  2. Sonel

    Wow! That is one busy place for sure! Stunning shots! 🙂


  3. I hope some of you can add links to the topic from other cities. I always have my focus on my hometown Wuppertal, on New York (friends invited us several times) and on BERLIN, where one of my daughters is living:
    enjoy my youtube slide show about BERLIN traffic, in the background music me on rhythm guitar – and a very talented friend:


  4. The world does seem to become more and more congested…


  5. We just came back from a trip to Dallas, Texas. We decided to try the Dart Rail system for the first time. It was a nice efficient way to get to the downtown area and avoid traffic. I wish I had taken a picture 😦


  6. I live in a small town. I can’t image that many people!! WOW!


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  8. Bicycles and travel by foot are wonderful solutions, the ones preferred by myself and some of my family members, especially those in NYC. Wonderful of you to draw our attention on this horrible dependence on motorized vehicles all over the world. Our societies have become so very stupid, it seems to me.


  9. Inevitable…some places worse than others. Thank goodness for mass transit where they have it. Margie


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  11. busy day! haha 😀


  12. Wow, that is an amazing tram! I can’t imagine that in my small town! It’s very cool looking! Like outer space-cool looking. good share, Frizz!


  13. It’s happening everywhere.


  14. Amazing tram! And fab pictures!


  15. Always a great ride over here, F.T.!
    Incredible images, as always, sir!


  16. You capture the population explosion very well – it is overwhelming at times.


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