Vittorio Pandolfi

“Aged senator” Vittorio Pandolfi is for me the Italian version of Henri Cartier-Bresson or Robert Doisneau. He presents the good old times of pre-digital photography.
1Neve a P.zza Plebiscito2Giostra bis
3Arch.'58 - Car, not camel !4Arrival
all photos by Vittorio Pandolfi / agedsenator /
San Giorgio a cremano, Napoli = Naples, Italy

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10 responses to “Vittorio Pandolfi

  1. There is an elegance about old B&W photography. I miss it at times. The art of creating the photo has changed so much since the digital age, and along the way we’ve lost some of this fine art. . .or maybe it’s just that we’ve created a new art, but I do miss the old at times.


  2. There is nostalgia, and the sense of fracturing from the past, like an iceberg that breaks and floats away, to its freedom, to its melting, to its dilution into Mother Water.


  3. These are wonderful…


  4. Good white and black photo.I like the second one.Interesting person ride on the something.


  5. I love those old black and white photos… so much character in them. 😉


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