A-Z Archive: M! photo challenge

Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “M”:

This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “M”: introduce one photo of your own archive with a “M” keyword for example METROPOLIS (like me) or MEXICO or MURSI people, MOSQUE or MOTHER, MOTORCYCLE or MEKONG RIVER, MARBLE or MYSTERIOUS etc. – get some inspirations via my M-Archive at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/the-m-photo-archive/ – I’m sure you’ll find a picture in your own shoe boxes to scan – tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!
the 8 photos below are from third parties, click on the pictures to enter the flickr galleries of the featured photographers!
Don GenaroGruppo di famiglia MursisueñoOrissaEénwielige motorfiets / One wheel motor cycleMekong, River of Lifericordi del tempo che fumysterious

1 - MEXICO (Don Genaro) photo by gdiazdeleon
2 - "Gruppo di famiglia Mursi" by Claudia Ioan
3 - MOSQUE / "sueño" photo by dayangchi
4 - MOTHER / "Orissa" by tdietmut, Rotterdam
5 - MOTORCYCLE "One wheel motor cycle" by Nationaal Archief
6 - "Mekong, River of Life" photo by Araleya
7 - MARBLE / "ricordi del tempo che fu" by Anno Luce
8 - "mysterious" by wolfgangfoto


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tag: “A-Z Archive
Challenge always on Tuesday !!!


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50 responses to “A-Z Archive: M! photo challenge

  1. A-Z Archive
    I’ll use the image above and the link below
    to invite to join our weekly A-Z photo challenge
    both (image AND link) combined to
    A-Z Archive
    maybe you can copy and use too:

    I’ll use the image above and the link below
    to invite to join our weekly A-Z photo challenge


  2. your metropolis is a huge photo, where were you frizz? it almost looks like another world! here is my post for M, beautiful images from Bhutan http://imagesoftheheart.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/a-z-archive-m-is-for-mountain-pass-morning-tea-and-mandarava/


  3. Magnificent & Meticulous!
    have a Marvelous Morning,


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  8. thirdhandart

    There are some great entries! Here’s my entry: M is for the Missouri River. http://thirdhandart.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/a-z-archive-m-is-for-missouri-river/


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  10. The people congestion in your photo reminds me of when I was working in Osaka, Japan. I called it “rush hour foot traffic”, and you better keep up with the flow or you may be stepped on, so I thought. Very hectic and extremely crowded! The subways were packed like sardines in a can. It was a new experience for me, but I was already used to “vehicle rush hour” where I lived.
    Anyway, here is my posting this week – “migration” and a few others.


  11. This monorail in the masses of the metropolis meets the “M” photo challenge so very wonderfully! Way to pile it on royally, Frizz! You Rock!


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  14. Morning Frizztext. Morning, All. At 60 years of age I entered the world of life with a Musician. Nothing has really been the same since. Will take a good look at the M archive now. Thank you for the feast: http://abcnellibell49.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/m-is-for-music-and-mayhem/


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  16. Here is my entry. MOTORCYCLE PARTS. http://wp.me/p23TG1-w2



  17. Wow. That’s one cool photo!


  18. That little overhead monorail looks like a grand way to maneuver over the crowd. Good choice for “M”, Fritz.


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  20. http://athoughtfor2012.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/a-z-achives-letter-m-mountain-walk/
    thanks there for the letter “M” version: MOUNTAIN WALK – on Ireland, the green island with green grass and waterfalls.
    I saw even green dogs on St. Patrick’s Day! An Irish wolf-hound with a green coat marching in a parade … – of course it was raining cats & dogs …


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  24. Wow! That is an amazing shot, Frizz. I love looking at your photography. Such a joy.
    Here’s mine for the theme:
    Hope ya like it.


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  26. The light in your monorail picture is truly amazing. Very beautiful!


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