Good Morning How Are You

To say GOOD MORNING should be framed by a certain optimism and joy. If not, daily things could change as difficult to control… I like the following photo by Bart van Dijk (breeblebox), on Flickr, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!
Good morning Amsterdam (1)
good luck, entering a new day!
another photo shot by Bart van Dijk (breeblebox), on Flickr, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT: a strong man, navigating through big traffic, taking care for his cello AND dog, congrats to his energy and optimism!
Man with bass and dog
click on the photos to enter the flickr galleries of Bart van Dijk!
the title “GOOD MORNING AMSTERDAM”, chosen by Bart van Dijk, gave me a flashback to the famous song GOOD MORNING AMERICA, don’t you know it, I’m your native son … – we all should have a version in our hearts (and on our lips) as a tribute to the city (or country) where we actually starting a new day …
Arlo Guthrie: City Of New Orleans

a “GOOD MORNING XYZ” with charming Sheryl Crow & Willie Nelson:

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36 responses to “Good Morning How Are You

  1. rosmarie wirz

    Fantastic picture from Amsterdam! This elegant biker is absolutely in command of the situation!


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  3. ohayou gozaimasu – Japanese for “good morning”
    ogenki desu ka? – Japanese for “how are you”


  4. Doing okay… and you?


  5. ohmy! i love ”biker with cello! haha great!


  6. Look at the SMILE on that bicyclist! An fabulous example to us all of how to have a WONDERFUL and WONDROUS “good morning.”! Thanks SO much for sharing the joy, Frizz!


  7. It’s always a good morning when I get a chance to see what you’ve been posting, F.T.! :)


  8. Biker with a cello is just brilliant Frizz, what a photo opportunity!


  9. I like the dog in the baby carrycot :) And is that a flower pot on top of his cello!?

    Either way, he looks blissfully happy with his little interpretation of the Town Musicians of Bremen ;)


    • flower pot? maybe a pot for money if he plays on the street? or for water if the dog is thirsty? for a “Musicians of Bremen” performance he should learn to balance through the traffic also with a cat, a pig and some goose on his bicycle (fiets they say in Dutch). bicycle can carry a lot, compare:
      Final Ride
      title=”Final Ride” photo by johey24


  10. Hope you have a great week


  11. Good Morning to you Frizz! I love the second one of the guy on the bike with the big bass on his back!


  12. Is that a bear in that dude’s bicycle basket?


  13. Yes – a Good Morning it is indeed.
    I very much enjoyed visitin Mariana Kanavaki.
    Her paintings are beautiful. Thanks for posting.


  14. Too late for good morning? Good day today, tomorrow and everyday :-)


  15. your opening line is great. Felt like taking a deep breath of fresh air and taking over the day with joy.


  16. A dog on the busket is cute. :)


  17. Great blog. Here’s to a good morning! :-)


  18. good morning Athens,
    how are you?

    click on the painting to enter the galleries of the Greek artist Marina Kanavaki!


  19. Good morning, good Monday and good week, Frizz!


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