Doxy – orthodoxy – heterodoxy – paradoxical

photo by frizztext – trying to learn English…
I’ll try to visualize a discussion featured by the daily e-mail of Anu Garg / / – there Hugh Rawson (hugh.rawson, Roxbury, Connecticut, wrote, introducing Bishop William Warburton (1697-1779): “Orthodoxy is my doxy; heterodoxy is another man’s doxy.” Donald Blair (dcblair Syracuse, New York, noticed: “DOXY = 1. A mistress or a promiscuous woman. 2. Opinion or doctrine. Doxy is the frequent abbreviation in Infectious Disease circles for the antibiotic doxycycline that is effective against some venereal diseases. Hence, one can be in the position of treating a doxy with doxy.” frizz-comment: I believe, for the Greek priest on the photo the maxime (Bob Marley) is guilty: No woman no cry. Steve Benko (steve.benko New York, added: This reminds me of a favorite Tom Swiftie: “‘You mean you’ve been carrying on with two mistresses at once?’ she asked paradoxically.”
P.S. by FrizzText:
I’m not orthodox; I’m an atheist; often I tried to understand religions or systems of morality; too often irony and skepticism draw me into fields of distance or even laughter. Photography often makes severe. Too serious. Only distance could help not to become the slave of a mood. It is good to come back to an easy going by wandering through the fields of word-definitions, etymology, history of words

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13 responses to “Doxy – orthodoxy – heterodoxy – paradoxical

  1. Interesting -zies!


  2. Love this photo of the very weary-seeming Greek Orthodox priest! Wonderful capture of mood and light and shadow! Just a word about your explanation for being an atheist: Frizz, you were talking about the faith-SYTEMS, not the faith itself! You were talking about the various representatives of organized religions, not God!


    • street angel, photo by frizztext
      usually we hear so much about angels in the churches, that we should not be surprised, if we meet one on the street one day … – thanks to the comment by Akbar Simonse: “Her heavenly light blinded one of the passers by!”


      • art exhibition, title “PARADISE” – photo by frizztext
        I once visited a photo exhibition with the title paradise; it seemed, that the visitors didn’t feel like in paradise …


        • about ETYMOLOGY (sorry for that hobby, I studied theology, Latin, Greek, Hebrew):
          history of words … = wikipedia information:
          “… This strategy gained popularity in the 20th century, and philosophers, such as Jacques Derrida, have used etymologies to indicate former meanings of words to de-center the “violent hierarchies” of Western metaphysics…”


      • fantastic photo! I love it. – rita


    • dear granbee, you wrote: “…being an atheist: Frizz, you were talking about the faith-SYTEMS, not the faith itself! You were talking about the various representatives of organized religions, not God!…”
      I don’t want to hurt you or criticize any believers – I only want to reach a little bit distance to theology and orthodoxy for myself – after I studied theology – and decided not to practice such a job; another trial to explain:
      and if you want to watch me and my daughter, praying (and singing):


  3. Too much doxy for me my friend. 😉


    • inspectors are coming
      I had a certain success with my photo on flickr – 3,671 views, 110 comments, 115 likes and 3 gallery-quotations – with the title INSPECTORS ARE COMING: trying to feature with irony the problems of orthodoxy. Quotation there about criticasters: “THOUGH BY WHIM, ENVY OR RESENTMENT LED, THEY DAMN THOSE AUTHORS, WHOM THEY NEVER READ.” [Charles Churchill, 1732-1764]


  4. because it is very complex to explain,
    I tried a new post with clearer statements (I hope so) at
    maybe you like to continue discussion there …


  5. Anything with sheep I love. Good photograph. – rita


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