Soothing Ocean Of Music

When I’m sad, then I use to dive into the soothing ocean of music! Yes, I need that daily meditation rowing with my six strings that boat of emotions: It brings back important energy, surfing on those healing waters of music
photo and video by Frizztext

I’m honored, that YouTube automatically has set a link to Woody Mann – one of my guitar heroes; listen to his great composition “TOP HAT”

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21 responses to “Soothing Ocean Of Music

  1. “Music is a moral law.
    It gives soul to the universe,
    wings to the mind,
    flight to the imagination,
    and charm and gaiety
    to life and to everything.”


    • Music as noise of the repetition.
      Music as a flying carpet remnants for days and hopes of all kinds.
      Music as a passive, patient friend.
      Music as an object of conquest.
      Music as the initiator of the internal dissipation.


  2. maybe I’ll sing soon some lyrics I’ve found at
    the blog of “Inside the mind of Isadora”


  3. or, how to buy a monster piano for three girls to jump on?


    • Chet Atkins is one of my favorite fingerstyle guitarists! Sad, that he is gone. This entertainer solo guitar arrangement once was taught to me by my female Spanish guitar teacher Cristina Rico. Sorry, I’m too old now to perform it anymore. Maybe I should try to create a photo slide show – featuring her, Cristina’s version as background music …


  4. Scott Joplin: thi sis what Mann’s guitar piece sounds like – Ragtime. Evolved and beautiful. I like your music a lot and I feel the same way about its role in my life.

    (The entertainer, one of my all times.)


  5. Thank you for such a nice start to my morning!


  6. Your little “mediation” at the top of this post is so wonderfully accurate with regard to how making music facilitates our meditations. I am floating on a soothing ocean of music right now, just from the memories of when I play soft background music for our church’s evening vesper service, especially the “quiet prayer time” portion.


  7. TBM

    Music can sooth one’s soul. Thanks.


  8. Nel

    Smooth. I enjoyed it, thank you. :)


  9. TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a new schedule … Glad to be back commenting again. :-)


  10. Great sepia shot of you… Keep up the meditations on music. :-)


  11. Northern Narratives

    Music is amazing.


  12. I know exactly what you mean Frizz. Music is the essence of my life as well. It provides the vehicle for deep meditation and the creative force.


  13. Hi,
    Very nice, a pleasure to listen to.
    Thank You for visiting my blog.


  14. That first photo is so awesome of you it should be a self-portrait. Music sooths the soul. Margie


  15. Listening to music makes me happy too. :-)


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