Valery Titievsky – Photographer

At first I discovered the stylish black and white photographies, shot by Valery Titievsky, featuring his hometown Novosibirsk. And I thought, that’s the Russian version of the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson. But after a while I noticed, that his humorous point of view, watching people on the streets, also can be discovered in his color photographs. So here is a little collection:

little color photography portfolio
1Street life2Rehearsal military parade
3Girls & Mac4Street life
1 – Lady with street musician
2 – Rehearsal military parade
3 – Girls & Mac
4 – A man must drink!
all photos by Valery Titievsky

compare Valery Titievsky, black and white photography:

1Frost & cold2Street life - Snowfall
3Street life4Summer rain
1 – Evening frost & cold
2 – Passing sculptures
3 – Kid with dog
4 – Summer rain

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8 responses to “Valery Titievsky – Photographer

  1. Beautiful pictures…have a great day!


  2. thirdhandart

    I like street photography. I agree – Valery Titievsky is a great photographer!


  3. Oh wow! VERY cool! I’m looking forward to checking out more!


  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    great shots
    love the sensilble humor in the color pictures
    gratulations the artist


  5. Really nice.I like the dog photo.:)


  6. Love all that movement and action. 🙂


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