Valery Titievsky – Photographer

At first I discovered the stylish black and white photographies, shot by Valery Titievsky, featuring his hometown Novosibirsk. And I thought, that’s the Russian version of the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson. But after a while I noticed, that his humorous point of view, watching people on the streets, also can be discovered in his color photographs. So here is a little collection:

little color photography portfolio
1Street life2Rehearsal military parade
3Girls & Mac4Street life
1 – Lady with street musician
2 – Rehearsal military parade
3 – Girls & Mac
4 – A man must drink!
all photos by Valery Titievsky

compare Valery Titievsky, black and white photography:

1Frost & cold2Street life - Snowfall
3Street life4Summer rain
1 – Evening frost & cold
2 – Passing sculptures
3 – Kid with dog
4 – Summer rain

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8 responses to “Valery Titievsky – Photographer

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  3. Love all that movement and action. :-)


  4. Really nice.I like the dog photo.:)


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    great shots
    love the sensilble humor in the color pictures
    gratulations the artist


  6. Oh wow! VERY cool! I’m looking forward to checking out more!


  7. thirdhandart

    I like street photography. I agree – Valery Titievsky is a great photographer!


  8. Beautiful pictures…have a great day!


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