Lonesome Musician – photo of the day

Maybe you know, I like to play guitar too – but it is not amusing to sit there in an ignoring world. I prefer to play guitar with friends in cafés, pubs, at home. It’s sad to be alone searching for contact via a guitar – and no one cares.
Street life
title: Street Life – photo by Valery Titievsky, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
I’ve introduced Valery Titievsky also at valery-titievsky-photographer

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14 responses to “Lonesome Musician – photo of the day

  1. compare another photo, shot by Valery in Novosibirsk:
    Street life
    a man fails with his goal to get the attention of the lady – though using his flute …


  2. also a female street musician – photo by frizztext:
    I’m trying to start “PHOTO OF THE DAY” series in my daily blog – any suggestions?


  3. at least we need the joy of an inspiring duo formation …
    waldemar parra + kai heumann
    photo by frizztext


  4. Pajarillo57

    There are two ways of playing in the streets. The 1st one is when musicians want to share their skill with the people because they can’t organise the concerts for themselves, so they play giving off their soul, skill and enjoying and giving joy to the listeners not very much concerned about the money. In this way they assert themselves. The second way is begging. In this way the players mostly are concerned with the money they could get for their “playing”. Usually their level is very low and they press on the feeling of pity. They don’t forget to show their basket and even sometime go cap in hand collecting the money. They use bowels of pity of people and pretend that they get money for their “skill”. I like the first way and hate the second one.


  5. thirdhandart

    For your “PHOTO OF THE DAY” series, I like your idea of introducing your philosophy articles via 1 photo combined with 1 short quotation. You’d have to be very descriptive with your titles though or include a very short explanation of what you’re doing with each post.
    I tried combining 1 photo with 1 short quotation when I first starting blogging, but no one commented (I ended up deleting all of these early posts). Since your blog is pretty established with a fair amount of followers, it might work better in your case. It’s sad to be alone searching for contact via blogging – and no one comments. Good luck – no matter what you decide to do!


  6. I always stop and listen to street musicians. I actually look for them when I’m in a big, bustling city such as Philly or New York City. I’ve noticed they are so appreciative when you stand there long enough and they stop playing-you see a big smile on their face of relief that you remained standing until the last note was played.


  7. bat

    hi dietmar

    what about sitting around playing guitar or making music just to offer “the world” a little chance to give up ignoring ?
    one never knows who probably carries a tune at home without even knowing about…

    so – let’s sit and play !



  8. So nice to visit your website: Always inpired, always making the return a surprise. Thanks!


  9. Love the photos and that blue dress! 🙂
    Still catching up… kids in town from fall college break. 🙂


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