Black and White Photography

I like to shoot black and white photos – dreaming from
the grandmasters in the history of photography:
Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson,
Edouard Boubat or Stefan Moses etc.:
1NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant2tango-run
3Rainy Day in Manhattan4basketball, nightly
all photos by Frizztext
1 – Boy, refreshing, NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant
2 – Salsa run in a Cuban Bar
3 – Rainy Day in Manhattan
4 – Basketball match, at night in my hometown Wuppertal
I also like to introduce other black and white photographers, compare
Vittorio Pandolfi
Christine Lebrasseur
Alberto Fanelli
Valery Titievsky
or visit my own black and white collection at
greetings by frizztext

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