Modern Aphrodites

Helmut Newton is dead.
But “Pinobarile” / Alberto Fanelli, a Flickr photographer from Milano, Italy,
– he is alive, he could become the new Helmut Newton …
(Alberto made some series for Playboy Italian edition 2009, Helmut Newton 30 years before)!
here a small collection of his black and white ART:
1Motherhood2Sie Kommen - HN reverse engineering
3SELF    (tribute to HN)4From Praxitele's Aphrodite to Modern Latex
all photos by pinobarile / Alberto Fanelli &
1 – Motherhood – model: Malliha
2 – Sie Kommen – HN reverse engineering – models: Grota in 4 flawors
3 – SELF (tribute to Helmut Newton) model: Grota
4 – From Praxitele’s Aphrodite to Modern Latex – model: Grota

related: A New Helmut Newton

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16 responses to “Modern Aphrodites

  1. thebigbookofdating

    These photo are amazing! I loved the one with the rock! Stunning!


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    great shots of great masters
    in flickr würde schon die zensur da sein und wir könnten bei normaler einstellung des streams nur punkte sehen
    dabei kommen wir alle nackt zur welt
    schöne nacktheit ist weit weg von pornografie und dennoch sehr erotisch


  3. about censorship and self-censorship:
    me discussing at
    there was a self-censorship vs. writing about the 200 tanks deal Germany / Saudi Arabia – because it makes me feel sad and helpless. But no censorship vs. writing about an Italian female beauty photographer, like the flickr photo community maybe would do – maybe I am wrong? At least in the eyes of Muslim women in Arabia?


  4. thirdhandart

    Your wife, Barbara, is very beautiful and so is her photography. Naked human beings, such as the women in these tastefully executed photographs, are very beautiful. But, I had to sketch nude models in my college drawing classes. I guess I became somewhat desensitized after concentrating on portraying the subject beautifully. The naked model became art.


  5. Whoaa…am underage…LoL j/k

    I love nude pictures! 😀


  6. Again, I’m catching up on blog comments after another long 4 day yoga retreat in Boston… I got back Thursday night to over a thousand emails. Will begin a marathon commenting effort shortly! TY! 🙂


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