Cucumbers – Ehec epidemic


Cucumbers (or maybe tomatoes or green salad) seem to be the reason for the deadly bacterium EHEC epidemic in Germany. Many Super-Markets now banned cucumbers. It’s absurd. It’s like you follow the advice to eat tons of carrots all life long to stay well eyes-sighted. And then you can’t see anything sharp. All Germans ate cucumbers to stay healthy – and now many of them got this dangerous EHEC virus.

compare: epidemic EHEC bacterium
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11 responses to “Cucumbers – Ehec epidemic

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  2. yes, a bacterium, updated now:
    photo and some more actual links!


  3. Dont call EHEC a virus, it s a bacterium.
    Also, is that a photo of cucumbers?


  4. You can’t win, eh? Imagine the manure they grew in? Sad really and I do hope all get better…


  5. EHEC virus isn’t good. :cry:
    Cucumbers I usually eat are much slim than this..


  6. Sorry to hear that…But when it comes to E-coli all bets are off, especially for the resistant ones. So I would put the cucumbers of my mind, for a while.


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