EHEC and the 4 million rats in Hamburg

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epidemic EHEC bacterium
EHEC / HUS outbreak
thanks for the link (read below, comments) to
EHEC can spread by rats – as I say!
now an article from 2009:
children infected by EHEC after using a public water pool:
maybe during the night rats are swimming there too?

At first German scientists thought, some cucumbers from Spain on the main market area in the city Hamburg could be the reason for the actual EHEC coli bacterium outbreak. This bacterium is similar to the epidemic pestilence plague which often made some panic in Hamburg in the past centuries. Pestilence was brought to human beings by rats. Hamburg has a lot of rats. 1 million human invitations of Hamburg, that means usually 2 million rats. Every year the city is fighting versus rats. Read the German newspapers 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 etc. One rat mama has 600 babies every year. Ole! My question: It is impossible, that the new EHEC outspread (at first in Hamburg) is brought by rats?

comment from the Netherlands (read below
rats can spread EHEC! as I say … – I had the idea after watching a document film about rats in Hamburg on


#EHEC, #Hamburg, #Ratten – da die Ratten oft Ursache der Pest in Hamburg waren, Frage: vielleicht auch für EHEC?

frizztext, SPIEGEL ONLINE:
[QUOTE=sysop;7973912]Die Warnung vor spanischen Gurken war deutlich, der Schaden ist enorm. Jetzt fordert Spanien Wiedergutmachung für die Millionenverluste der Bauern. Ministerpräsident Zapatero kritisiert das Ehec-Krisenmanagement von EU und deutschen Behörden.


Hamburg ist bekannt für seinen jedes Jahr aussichtsloser werdenden Kampf gegen die Ratten-Vermehrung. Frage: Da die Ratten oft schon die Pest (einen ähnlichen Erreger wie EHEC) über Hamburg gebracht haben: Kann nicht auch diesmal der Ausbruch des Ehec-Bakteriums auf Ratten zurückgeführt werden?

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13 responses to “EHEC and the 4 million rats in Hamburg

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    interesting idea
    learn more from wikipedia:

    wouild explain the lot of causes in this town
    :-(( wolfgang


  2. Annet

    I just read that it’s a completely new ‘tree’ of bacteria, looking -and acting- a bit like the African Ebola-virus. It’s resistent to many types of antibiotica, and thát is the really bad news.
    The reason for this resistence is in our food, where antibiotics are widely used in the meat-industry (chickens, pigs), not just ‘in case’ but also to let the animals grow faster.
    So there can be this strange figure of somebody eating something that causes serious illness that can’t be cured because of what he ate.. 😦


  3. These stories are quite troublesome and the sad part is the true source might never be fully determined… meanwhile, lives are lost. My prayers and healing light to all affected. How are you doing Frizztext?


  4. pauline

    Rats can spread EHEC, according to information available on internet. See


  5. thank you for the link to
    EHEC can spread by rats – as I say!
    now an article from 2009:
    children infected by EHEC after using a public water pool:
    maybe during the night rats are swimming there too?


  6. Annet

    oh, and: if you are interested: a clean article in The Guardian about the E-colli bacteria and how it can jump and shake hands..

    (it’s serious. really, really serious).


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