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What would you prefer for communication: a photo or a video? I think, that’s still an unsolved question in modern technologies. Skype allows phone connected to a life-stream video. Necessary? Are you already disturbed by an old fashioned phone call? Would make a video-phone things harder? By the way: I prefer writing. When I have time. A phone call does not ask you enough, if you have time in that moment! Before using Skype phone, you have to brush your hair, change your T-shirt. Not a problem for an email- writer

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4 responses to “Photo or video

  1. Thank you for link my post.

    I like all photo, video and writing, but I think that writing something is the most active means.It is emotional and creative but it’s not convenient.What a dilemma.


  2. Exyaster

    I like to use whatever fits the moment. Sometimes email is a better way of contacting a person than trying to Video Chat them. It just all depends on what the other person has for mode of contact.


  3. We are social being, and think about all sort of things to communicate, in the most apropriate way, for the ocasion, who we are and what we feel, at the time of a comunication. But no matter what the new means, what missing is the shared space, in which people talk to each other, and the air they breath. So we need to undertand that, and live, and live and live and live again.


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