Christina Aguilera

Super Bowl opening ceremony: maybe Christina Aguilera used some wrong words, forgetting some lyrics, but she touched my emotions, my heart, not my criticizing head. As an European I only have some difficulties and doubts with the national pride, the patriotism, related to heroes, soldiers, fly overs by military jets. That’s not sport. It’s too much, isn’t it?

E = Eagle (on Samuel Huntington)
title=”E = Eagle” (on Samuel Huntington)
by Frizztext, on Flickr

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9 responses to “Christina Aguilera

  1. related:
    The American-Greek singer Ava Aston inspired me to start an article about Christina Aguilera.
    No matter, that Christina failed some lyrics, but is Sarah Palin right, criticizing her?


  2. It’s a huge privilege as a singer to appear at the Super Bowl and sing the anthem, and I think the mistake was purely down to nerves, and not lack of patriotism. Alas, Palin is not above criticizing anyone if she thinks she can turn it to her advantage 😦


  3. Okay, we all make mistakes and she was apologetic afterwards… I still love her music and personality 😉


  4. another cartoon of the Italian cartoonist OLDERIME / OLDETRIP
    also something about Sarah Palin to learn there 🙂


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