Fox Hunting

fox hunting
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Hunters, who like to drink a beer with their dogs now can buy HONDENBIER (dutch) = doggie beer (english) – to have some alcoholic fun after the work is done…

Fox hunters (as I read in the TIME magazine Feb. 5, 2007)  now can buy KWISPELBIER [= HONDENBIER]

P.S.: in UK fox hunting nowadays is illegal; this picture was shot in Germany. I don’t like fox hunting in this sort of upper class gangs. And I don’t like the method of the foresters too: they use gas to kill the foxes. And of course I am not a fan of beer-drinking, or even beer-drinking with a dog. My cat would not be a helper in such a fox hunting; but my cat likes to drink out of my personal glass: water. Especially, if there is still some blood from killed mouses on her lips …

Fox hunting has been a recent controversial is...

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10 responses to “Fox Hunting

  1. sent to my group PARADOX:

    Fox Hunting
    by frogdog* / Davee
    frogdog / Davee comments the message of his shot:
    “Ban foxes from hunting is what I say!!”


  2. Fox Hunting in England 2006-2.jpg
    title=”Fox Hunting in England 2006-2.jpg
    by Tony Margiocchi (Snapperz), on Flickr


  3. Tófur - 1957 - Fox hunting - A Tribute to 4 Great Friends. I Miss Them Very Much.

    title=”Tófur – 1957 – Fox hunting –
    A Tribute to 4 Great Friends.
    I Miss Them Very Much.
    by SigHolm, on Flickr


  4. Tally Ho
    title=”Tally Ho” by Time Grabber, on Flickr
    sent to my group BLOG IT!


  5. Fox Hunting
    title=”ron3-12-09 460a”
    by LooseCanonsPhoto, on Flickr
    sent to my group BLOG IT!


  6. got some mail from Germany:
    der förster mag füchse, die fressen nämlich (ähnlich wie katzen) hauptsächlich mäuse.
    und mäuse mag der förster nicht, denn die fressen sehr gerne an der rinde kleiner bäume herum, was diese weniger gern mögen und mit ihrem absterben deutlich machen. bei waldhasen ist das genauso.

    füchse im bau vergasen tut der gemeine deutsche privatjäger, v.a. wenn er denn ein feldrevier mit hasen und fasanen hat.
    die mag der fuchs nämlich auch ganz gerne, wenn er keine mäuse bekommt. die mag der privatjäger aber lieber selber schießen, daher ist der jagdkonkurrent fuchs natürlich vorher auszuschalten.


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  8. Very interesting and cute. 🙂 thank you for sharing.


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