Berlin Tempelhof

The Berlin airport Tempelhof has a long history. Actually the airfield is closed and politicians are fighting about the image, this location should have: Something like a quiet museum? Or a chance for the “Mercedes Fashion Weeks” featuring arrogance and catwalk lifestyle? During the political discussions and considerings (a very long period of searching for a decision, since the airport was closed), often people from the urban neighborhoods nearby opened the surrounding fence, entered the area to make camping or festivals for introducing alternative, not main stream culture. But always police was ordered to force the crowd to leave the airport, if necessary with violence (water-canons). Now I read at : “The Berlin government is seriously planning to rebuild Berlin Airport Tempelhof for 62 Million Euro into an amusement park!” Maybe Star-Architect Sir Norman Foster will be the lucky winner of the competition to change the passenger airport, a famous symbol of Berlin, not only “the mother of all airports” – much more a symbol for the support which the city got by the US and the U.K. by the “Candy Bombers” and the “Berlin Sky-lift” = the “Berliner Luftbrücke” which supported the population of West-Berlin with food during the times of the “Iron Curtain“.

Berliners watching a C-54 land at Berlin Tempe...

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The petition wants support for the idea “to keep Berlin Airport Tempelhof as a training center for kids and a meeting place for young and old pilots, engineers, scientists and people interested in aerospace”. One of the last sentences there: “Berlin Airport Tempelhof is a symbol for the friendship between Great Britain, U.S. and Germany. It can never ever be an amusement park.” Maybe you are interested to make a comment?

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