Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

HOPE is the opinion, that the optimal basic attitude is not aggression, but to care for each otherphoto below for the “weekly photo challenge” community of dailypost / wordpress
Vattenfall - advertising for love
picture shot in BERLIN by FrizzText, click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection; a large advertising was fixed on the walls of a church near the Alexanderplatz-Center in Berlin; the slogan by VATTENFALL (European supporter of electricity) means, translated from German: “The most important energy does not come from electric-power-companies but from human hearts …”

feel free to add in the comments the link to your own interpretation of this week’s topic HOPE

?internal search=weekly+photo+challenge

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58 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. Brandon

    Lovely photo, Frizz! Thanks for sharing! http://wp.me/pdJ7S-vJ

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  3. Cool! Love this image…

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  5. wow, what a striking image!
    a fantastic composition – with a message
    thanks for sharing

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  6. Great photo, and an awesome message!

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  7. I haven’t visited Berlin since just after the Wall came down. Great photo


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  8. This one truly touched me!

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  9. The photo moved me. There is always hope wherever people live.

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  10. Northern Narratives


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  11. Fascinating Frizz, hard to believe there’s a church under there!

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  12. I agree with the slogan, but I also enjoy my electricity :)

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  13. good take on photo, also checked you tube and like much, ;) guitarist myself..

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  14. Jackie Paulson

    I think we all need hope in our current economy. I know that it took me eight months to find a job but just when I lost all hope…I got the job. Hope is something that sometimes comes to US from others. I want to thank you and your lovely wife for the nice comments on my blog…and being my friend. It has been well over a year of getting to know you. I hope others do go to youtube to see you and your daughter play the guitar and her sing. Love and blessings, always, Jackie

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  15. The image spoke of an emotion that didn’t require words…hope, love…peace….

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  16. Love this so much!

    And yes, congrats to Jackie above, as well, on the new job.

    I’ve been laid off since Feb. 2011, sent out hundreds of resumes, gone to a few interviews, but still looking. Thank God for child support, unemployment insurance and a savings account. Hopefully, a job will present itself soon, before all the money runs dry. Hard to keep the faith sometimes, but then, I just look into my daughter’s eyes, and know, somehow, it’s all gonna be ok.

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    • you wrote Hopefully, a job will present itself soon, before all the money runs dry. Hard to keep the faith sometimes, but then, I just look into my daughter’s eyes… – If I had a good job, I would give it to you …

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  17. lovely, lovely sentiment and photo. here is mine if you would like to see it. http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/weekly-photo-challenge-hope-1272012/

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  18. yes i believe it is frizz … human nature is basically loving and caring :)

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  20. striking photo, amazing composition with so many layers. I’ve had a complicated relationship with the word hope — I like very much your interpretation. :)


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  21. Thanks for stopping by again… I always love to see what you’ve done for the week. Good one!

    For anyone who likes trees and hiking you might want to take a peek at my entry this week:

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  22. Beautiful! I love this entry!

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  23. Beautiful Picture. The slogan is so meaningful and true.

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  24. “The hope of a secure and livable world
    lies with disciplined nonconformists

    who are dedicated to justice,
    peace and brotherhood.”

    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    quotation found via

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  25. Wonderful piece, F.T…

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  26. Cassie's world

    I like your entry. But it’s strange. When I read the Vattenfall-Slogan in German, I had to think about love and relationship. When reading the English translation I instantly had to think about “The Matrix”. Do you know that movie by any chance? It gives your translation a whole new meaning… but a scary one (energy from human hearts)! Let’s hope we’re not living in the Matrix :D http://wp.me/p1XrXs-8K

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  27. Impressive photo while inspiring hope!

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  29. Hope and the energy provided by human hearts connecting is why I write, why I yearn for my adult fairytale series to speak to people all around the globe! Thank you SO MUCH for this affirming post.

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  30. This is a wonderful choice… :-)

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  31. Amar Naik

    great pic for hope challenge

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  32. thirdhandart

    A beautiful, moving entry FrizzText. Love the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote.

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  33. Thanks for the pingback Frizz / love your huge billboard and the message is great

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  34. Apologies – I meant to thank you for liking my blog enough to follow it! Really like your photo challenge for hope too!

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  36. I really like this.

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