Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Weekly Photo Challenge: INDULGE - the wordpress staff writes about this week's topic:
"...You can indulge in moments, feelings, emotions, places, and more... ”
So this photo came in my mind: a snap shot after a date; she - trying to
dive deeply into the feelings, to indulge all those new strong emotions,
not to drift away in the sober refresh button of a morning without him...

dreaming after the date
photo for the “weekly photo challenge” community of dailypost / wordpress – picture was shot by FrizzText, click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

feel free to add in the comments the link to your own interpretation of this week’s topic INDULGE

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the same woman, featured in a tango story, view the slide show video by frizztext, photos by Barbara Fritze, music by Lutz Deterra: “Rue parnasse”, dancers: Beate and Franco, location: abandoned ELBA factory, Wuppertal, the city of Pina Bausch

As you can discover in the slide show (the photo is part of it in the very end) “Lonesome Factory Tango”: My wife Barbara has chosen a very ugly location, an abandoned factory hall (in my hometown Wuppertal) for the tango meeting – not, as usual, a golden palace with many mirrors and a rich audience to applause. They are alone, very alone, with their feelings of new love – and that’s the center of tango mood, isn’t it? To own nothing – only the feeling you have found each other? The story behind is: this two human beings (Beate and Franco) married six months after this meeting, aged nearly fifty, composing a new patchwork family (of course my wife had the job again, to shoot the wedding ceremonials …)

About frizztext

websites: 1 - my wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - my photos at frizztext, 3 - my guitar exercises fingerstyle_guitar, 4 - my museum-series The MUSEUM SERIES

126 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

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    • I’m surprised by your friendly testimonial:
      “Here is frizztext and his blog, FLICKR COMMENTS. This guy is a lean mean Photo Challenge machine. As well as an active participant to WPC, he also organizes the widely popular A- Z Photo Challenge. I have many favorites, but his submission to Indulge is what stuck most in my memory. To top it all, he is also a very talented musician. Do check out his recording and his youtube videos. Be floored by a gallery of pictures and a band of sounds at the same time…”
      thank you, now I can sleep well at night!


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  7. That is my kind of indulging. :-)


  8. Really appreciate the fact that you chose a photo that went “off the grid” so to speak to illustrate the word “indulge.” Great photo!

    My entry into the challenge: http://wp.me/p4Z2r-6z


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  11. look at the thinkmap of visual thesaurus:


    indulge = pander, gratify, luxuriate, mollycoddle, featherbed, cocker …


  12. coolfeline

    Great shot. It looks like she’s indulging herself with thoughts of a great night out.

    On a different note; How did you come up with the URL for this blog [flickrcomments] ? Not that it’s any of my businesses but I’m curious :)



  13. Not one would call furiously indulgent. Very quietly, in fact!


  14. thirdhandart

    Beate looks like she’s indulging in the moment. And, she deserves it after posing for two hours in a factory where the temperature is below freezing and there’s no heat.
    You seem to be very proud of your wife Barbara’s photography… and you have every right to be. It’s amazing (as is yours)! Great entry FrizzText!


    • yes my wife Barbara uses a camera very differently compared to me; she is planning nearly everything as she learned directing a studio some years; my approach is more via sudden chances: I like street photography …


      • typical for HER work:
        (my wife Barbara uses a camera very differently compared to me; she is planning nearly everything as she learned while directing a studio for some years)
        some curves for KLIMTHair + Chair
        typical for my hobby:
        (my approach is more via sudden chances: I like street photography)
        U = UMBRELLA (a Goddess, provoking a man to hesitate)Honeymooners


  15. Now that is what I call indulgence! Great picture! :)


  16. Great interpretation of indulge.

    I reverted to food – more specifically – food while travelling! Indulging in a 3 hour lunch on the Mediterranean in Mallorca, followed by incredible ice cream sundaes further up the road! Total decadence on a rest day from cycling! A totally indulgent day!



  17. E.C.

    ~standing ovation~ I enjoyed the story and the video and the photo. They’re indulging is lovely and cheerful perfect for the theme. :)

    My weekly photo challenge for Indulge:



    • I like your cat’s nap indulgence so much!
      greetings by my own cat EMILY, the master mind of nap culture!
      I’ve heard, med doctors found out, that also human beings live longer,
      if they sleep often (cats knew this before making statistics)
      here my little cat nap video:

      purring + yawning cat video – 8 seconds – can you HEAR that cat purring, having a nap? finish: a big yawning”; my cat is a master of mind napping; doctors recently found out, that human beings live longer, if they sleep much. cats already know this without any statistics…


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  19. i just *love* the photo you chose to depict the theme – it truly does have the aura of one who has indulged (and in the tango? – precious!). thanks so much for liking my previous post and for following my blog. i enjoyed checking out your photos too. have a wonderful day!


  20. Indulging in a visit to your blog is always well-rewarded, F.T.!
    Beautifully done, sir! :)


  21. The expression on her face, and the subtle hint of the rose :) She indulged.. and keeps indulging… I like those moments too!

    Thank you for liking mine: http://seeloveremember.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/weekly-photo-challenge-indulge/


  22. She looks content! ;-)


    • but she wasn’t: the photo session was in an icy December, two hours, no oven, degrees below -4, mostly only in a dancing dress, not a warm coat; so, Eliz, you know: only optimism and a strong motivation can help you to overcome: bite the teeth together


  23. Wonderful interpretation! My Indulgence is photography. I’ve been away for a couple of months and it feels so good to be back.



  24. Simply amazing. When I saw the first photo (the lady on the chair) I loved it, but now seeing all the passion and sensuality of the entire photo shoot I would say if there was an award for the best challenge, you got it (in fact, your wife should get it as she shot these right?).


  25. What an incredible photo, and perfect for the theme. Indulgence is written all over her.


    • http://amarnaik.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/weekly-photo-challenge-indulge/

      “… to indulge in curiosity about war ships…”
      frizz-comment: to indulge or not to indulge, that’s the question, isn’t it?
      To indulge wars – it is not easy (my natural language is German) to understand the meaning of INDULGE correctly.
      Maybe I’m making wrong connections? Is it possible to have a concept NOT TO INDULGE?
      Not to indulge wars – or one’s painful humor or attitude?
      Is it a violation of political correctness and dedicated optimism
      to have only the idea not to indulge?
      INDULGE: I often think horses have too much
      (actually we have a movie in our cinemas in Germany about war horses)
      – but sometimes horses make a kind of revolution vs. permanent indulgence …
      waiting for warm socks


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  27. Ahhhh what a night….


  28. One of your most evocative, so it seems to me.. Again, thank you. I shall hunt for a young love i once knew that affects me emotionally in a similar way. L.



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  32. I love your photo frizz!!! Great entry! Dancing AND sleeping are indulgences! In my case, the latter is the one I want!

    Have a great weeekend!



  33. this photo is a whole story, sensual energy, wonderful.


  34. I can see her earlier in the evening doing a tango with him…and now all that’s left is the music in her head.


  35. Stunningly indulgent! Love it!


  36. Ahh … get rid of self-consciousness, guilt and entitlements. Indulge and don’t allow any restriction and social obstructions. Savor your own moment that defines you …

    Love this picture. It says a lot ………….


  37. perfect for this week…didn’t you use this one before for a B & W with a splash ??? love it like this as well if you did


  38. I like all the indulgent touches in this photo: pretty girl, leather gloves, boa, gilt edged chair, spike-heeled shoes, little black dress, long-stemmed rose, leopard print (jacket), all in great contrast to the warehouse background.


    • oh, you look precisely to the fashion she bought:
      leather gloves,
      spike-heeled shoes,
      little black dress,
      long-stemmed rose,
      leopard print (jacket),
      so, can you imagine, it was not easy
      to bring her in this abandoned factory
      into that great contrast to luxury and elegance –
      to tell her, that other things are important
      than to be a dedicated follower of fashion?


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  40. Nice take on the theme!


  41. Great shot! So many interpretations…wonderful for this challenge.


  42. Ya know, that’s not at all what I saw in that picture. What I saw was a woman that seemed to not have much (nothing around her), but cared enough about herself to do something nice for herself. Dress up, look good, and enjoy the moment of luxury.

    But I like your interpretation.


  43. Indulgence in savoring emotions, immersing oneself in all those good feelings–terriffic photographic portrayl of this very healthy (in my opinion) form of indulgence!


  44. indulgence at it’s best ;)


  45. I feel a story coming on!


  46. Super, I like it! Thank you for following, Frizztext!


    • Animals are able to indulge more than human beings. So they can feel more often in harmony with nature … – thank you for your sea gull photo, titled “SKY BALLERINA”


  47. Perfect indulgence and I love the power in this shot!


  48. Love it. I would say she indulged herself. Great choice for challenge. Still thinking about mine.



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