Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Weekly Photo Challenge: DISTORTED - at first I had to think about several yoga positions,
then destroyed objects after an explosion, then I went off the grid again and had the choice
for this week: US-flag with distorted eagle - a reflection metaphor after 9/11: some
landmarks of history make our minds distorted ...

E = Eagle (on Samuel Huntington)
photo for the “weekly photo challenge” community of dailypost / wordpress – picture was shot by FrizzText, click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

feel free to add in the comments the link to your own interpretation of this week’s topic DISTORTED

The 1818 version of the flag of the United Sta...

Image via Wikipedia

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62 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

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  4. Ash

    Well interpreted :)


  5. Powerful my dear, very powerful…(can’t say any more than that). Immie :-)


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  7. 9/11 changed a lot of lives. It opened our eyes to what is really happening out there. The first time I saw the twin towers turned into dust I was in disbelief, then fear and anguish for those who perish. Thanks for the moving image. I reminder that we should never forget. My prayers to the victims of 9/11….


  8. Interesting idea for this one. It turned out perfect! Distorted and slightly political, I love it!


  9. idea to comment “Lost in translation” at
    frizztext: distortion by translation – that’s what I’m producing daily – German is my natural language, so you read daily my special Frizzenglish; be glad, that you do not hear my pronunciation!


  10. Nice, Frizz. I like the eagle and the pillow. Great idea. Although I have to say yoga positions can be very distorted, too! ;)

    Here’s mine! Thanks for visiting!


  11. Wonderful!! Love this.


  12. Love the bird, ingenious!


  13. i thought of yoga poses too! haha! i think your take on the distorted is awesome. :)


  14. Super creative! It really does look like the head of the eagle!


  15. wondering why you would associate yoga with distortion :P
    yoga is a wonderful stress reliever :) and clears your mind – not distort it !!!!


  16. I like the post of
    Anette Hermann:
    my comment there:
    do you mean:
    distortion of good dollar (and Euro) by
    high costs for health care – producing the global financial crisis / inflation?
    maybe the expensive military could be the reason too?
    A-7 Being Launched
    title=”A-7 Being Launched” by f0rbe5 – click on the image
    to enter the photographer’s flickr gallery …


  17. A very creative example for this week’s challenge! Many people would have just seen a broken piece of surfboard with stars and a blue background, and considered it trash. But you saw it as something more; as a piece of art with a patriotic story to tell.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the pingback!


  18. A very moving contribution for this weeks challenge. I struggled with it. I hate it when things get distorted.



  19. You usually stun me one way or another and this photo is so beautifully provocative and reminiscent of Jasper Johns. I love the abstraction the starred eagle. I’ve had a very tumultuous relationship with this flag–your photo zings to the heart of it.


    • It is stunning and not to worry.. you didn’t butt in but joined the ongoing conversation… ;-)


    • You’re a sweetheart, Frizz! I’m touched and happy!! I’m glad you brought out your oldest guitar — a great tribute. I really enjoy hearing you play. Maybe you’ll have to keep playing music until you’ve played a song on each of your guitars, banjos. . .


  20. Interesting choice… What happened to the rest of that eagle? ;-)


  21. I like this interpretation! Good shot!


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  23. Very interesting concept of distorted, as some of the most distorted minds create acts of history.


  24. An interesting take on this week’s theme :)



  26. Interesting. Thanks for the share


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  28. Absolutely awesome. Great work!


  29. Hello all, and happy Friday Photo Challenge. Here’s my take on the Distorted theme:



  30. Great Job!! Semper Fi!!


  31. Excellent take on the theme. It might be said that a distorted US flag is also a reflection of our current state of affairs (politics). But then again, that probably goes for every election year…


  32. Incredibly creative composition with the flag and the “distorted eagle” remnant after 9/11, Frizz. My heartiest congratulations. Are we still distorted from 09/11? Apparently so, if you listen to any of the debates this election season!


    • read blogfrizz.wordpress.com/huntington-en/ (English) or blogfrizz.wordpress.com/huntington-de/ (German)
      I hope this assemblage will give a sign for September eleven discussions: that something went wrong in the USA…
      [once Paul McCartney sang: “take your broken wings and learn to fly”]
      about the photography:
      E = Eagle (on Samuel Huntington)
      I found this broken wooden surfer’s fragment on a beach
      and put it on a bench’s pillow =
      a tribute to Jasper Johns’ flag series…
      comment by dkplantzos:
      “excellent comment on nationalism;
      poignant and subtle at the same time…”


  33. Very interesting way of combining various aspects of the concept of distorted…creative


  34. Nice concept! [and very well done!]


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