Robyn Youlten – Down Yonder

English is a strange language for me, living down yonder (related to Australia) in Germany – and so I’m always very excited reading some kind and elaborated comments in English – now Robyn Youlten from Australia (Melbourne) kindly gave permission for a quotation. She herself usually uploads classical music:

some examples, how she gave me some optimism and self confidence to continue my special kind of acoustic, unplugged uploads:

  • on my version of JOHN HENRY: “Can certainly relate to job losses here in Australia at the moment Mr.Frizz!! Fanastic pickin’ on that thing sir!! And a mighty fine vocal!!
  • on my version of the St. James Infirmary blues: “Fabulous!! Luv that banjo and your voice is just magic Mr.Frizz!! Sooo refreshing to hear these real instruments and such adherence to tradition!!”
  • on my collaboration for a Tampa Red tribute: “This has EVERYTHING!! Great collab Frizz and guys! Uplifting, toetappin’ cooool!! Fantastic piano!! Really giving those keys a work out!! Great bass,guitaring…”
  • on my tribute to HELP from the BEATLES: “I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I’d EVER hear this song played on dobro!! This is fantastic!! Just shows what an innovative musician you are and what talent…”

my own efforts for example:

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One response to “Robyn Youlten – Down Yonder

  1. He seems like a nice guy 🙂 And obviously has taste!


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