It would be wrong to say, that comments do not influence our work. Comments are the heart of the social media! Example: 28 comments related to my grandson, aged 5, playing the blues harp for the first time in his life:

The Loyalist: he is actually pretty good

NayJ.: Oh he is melting my heart…….I am truly happy to witness this

Roger/B-Train: OMG this is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

PAPLOVIANTE: Great Harp !!! Er wird sicher ein guter Musiker :-))))))))))

Orange!: So so so adorable!

Chet Guida: wow five/ I am loving it/ I have a five yr old/ such a great age/ the beauty of life!!!!!

Dan Lockhart: It sounds like great fun

Rusty Ford: Watched the video too… I can’t stop smiling.. Thanks for sharing this. a real blues jam…. two musicians having a great time together… Yeah, i called your grandson a musician too, because it sounds like he has the touch with that harp..

Barbara 235 Parker: Making me very happy this morning 🙂
Start ’em young…this one already has an awesome blues vibe 🙂

La Caldera Del Simio: This is amazing man!

Gernot Baur: My young harp-colleague makes a real cool job!
Ein gute-Laune-Stück vom Feinsten!
Tom’s Gesang setzt speziell hier einen schönen Akzent!

Rick Engler: Tremendously talented family … must be in the blood. A joy to listen to!!

Mountain Songs: Such pure joy… a talent in the making!

Oorlab: great – fine timing! Great fun

telefan: Your Grandson is so talented! You are too my friend! This was made me smile! 🙂


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