Talk to the horse in gentle

frizztext: … and let us forget horses in jumping competitions, in wars, pulling beer-carriages, working blind in coal mines, pulling ships on canals, making the final walk to the butcher.

Talk to the horse in gentle, soothing tones and take a photo by B℮n
Talk to the horse in gentle, soothing tones and take a photo, a photo by B℮n on Flickr.


I like the silence around horses if they are really for themselves! Being with cats, horses, of course fishes: SILENCE IS LUXURY! I know, I’m guilty: too much music is overfeeding us; I’ve fixed my guitar to the wall.

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writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “Talk to the horse in gentle

  1. Ben

    enjoy the silence, indeed!


    • hi Ben,
      thanks for the permission to use your photo as a symbol for silence.
      Since we met you in XXX we are talking about you as the Dutch version of George Clooney!


  2. But you can never have too much music!


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  4. Caddo

    Another lovely one I wish to share with my friend!!



    Beautiful !


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