Daily Prompt: FAQ

“Joseph Winter” reading…

If I have a contact, I like to ask:

1. About what are you proud?
2. About what sad?
3. What soothes you?

If you have time, I would be glad, to read YOUR answers 🙂

Joe’s answers:
1. About what are you proud?
(Joe Winter replied: “That I managed to escape from Hitler’s Third Reich 1940.”)
2. About what have you been sad? (Joe’s answer: “My factory burned down in New York, and I had no fire insurance.”)
3. What soothes you? (Joe: “Taking pictures and organize little exhibitions.”)



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7 responses to “Daily Prompt: FAQ

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  3. Proud to be able to roll with the times and learn something new daily, sad i didn’t press for more answers when i could have and now it is too late, soothed by the gentle touch of loved ones and the encouragement of distant friends….


  4. Right now I am proud of my children and their achievements at school . What saddens me most is to be far away from my mom, especially at birthdays, Christmas ect. What soothes me most depends on the the day: it may be reading, watching a film, and sometimes even blogging.


  5. Proud of my family, sad that my family don’t live very close and soothed by the end of winter!


  6. Proud of myself for graduating college at age 51. Sad that my mom is not well. Soothes me? Walking, I suppose that does more than I even realized.


  7. 1. Proud of my son and his learning to cope with Bi-polar Disorder…A great guy!
    2. Sadness for the life my son has had to live…and the many things he didn’t get to achieve…
    3. Thrift store shopping…more looking…and blogging since I retired…


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