Horses – how animals might feel

You know I like cats and dogs, birds – and HORSES! I like to make my empathy more sensible, so I could feel maybe like they feel…
waiting for warm socks
I took this photo in my neighbourhood – oh I wouldn’t like to stand side by side with my neighbor – and he has a warm coat and me – not! I nearly could not imagine how the horses would feel, as I discovered a picture in the Guardian: – the observer – gallery: “In Surabaya, Indonesia, horses are hoisted into the air by a crane as they are being transferred from a cargo ship onto a truck…” [ / the observer / gallery]

Horse with no name

“Horse with no name” was performed by the group “America”, a hit in 1971
more about JukeBox contents in 1971:
β€œIn riding a horse,
we borrow freedom.”
-Helen Thompson.
I’ve been on horse-backs only a few times,
in the woods and on the fields of my neighborhood –
but it was like flying!

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23 responses to “Horses – how animals might feel

  1. Elegant beast! Enjoyed your song today.


  2. incredible little video, the boy and the horse having so much fun, so full of energy and life!


  3. Allyson Mellone

    Ah, to be so Free…love the song. Thanks!


  4. Those poor horses being craned must have been terrified and they look undernourished!


  5. museconfuse

    Lovely photos of the horses. They are such regal creatures.


  6. Beautiful photo, Frizz!


  7. kansamuse

    Indonesia needs to change laws. Here they are lifting cows—cattle-being-lifted-by-a-crane-from-ropes-tied-to-their-heads.html Both the cattle and horses were for meat market. Makes you wonder how they were killed.


  8. Frizz, I recommend you the movie “The Horse Whisperer”, with Robert Redford. It is one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it?


  9. Every child should learn to ride a horse – it gives you a different perspective on the world and yourself! Thanks for the trackback.


    • our daughters learned to ride horses – and as we watched their happiness, we tried to follow their passion for a while – now we are old – and some memories make us smile; for example, once, a lightning from a thunderstorm outside disturbed our riding lesson inside of a hall. Both, me and my wife, fell down from the horse-backs. The other 12 riders of the group remained sitting in their saddles…


  10. Amy

    I’m so touched by this video! … we borrow freedom, indeed!
    Thank you so much, Frizz!


  11. Great picture. I cannot imagine being hoisted by a crane. How SCARY even if you could understand what was going on around you (which they obviously cannot!). And I agree, if I was the white horse, I would probably kick my friend for not sharing their coat. I am not a nice person when I get hungry, tired or cold!



    I didn’t know you liked horses to! Me too!


  13. So long since I’ve heard that song…it’s beautiful with the video; thank you.


  14. Beautiful photo!
    A horse is also one of my favorite animals. I enjoy when I have the opportunity to be near them.


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  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I clicked on this one because of its title.

    I find horses majestic and beautiful. Yet, I fear them! The thought of them going on their hind legs and trying to trample me remains to great a fear in my mind.

    I went horse riding ONCE and it went into a canter and I was petrified. And I got off, and still thought it was mighty beautiful.

    Like this one, Frizztext.


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